"Doctor, do you know where Dr. Yang is?" Han Soojin asks the man in a white coat and face mask that hides his face.

The ghost quickly turns and clears his throat, "You should ask the information desk."

"They said he was here checking the patient that I was with." The woman gently asks the doctor, fixing the divider of the bed.

"Check the psychiatry floor. Maybe he took the patient there." The doctor opens up another separator, dismissing the woman's plea for assistance.

Ms. Han's eyes widen when the large partition reveals the psychiatrist with a young patient slouching on the bed which the ghost recognizes from the wreck. The small one who almost hit the old lady at the bench. 

"Dr. Yang!!!" Soojin exclaims and quickly approaches the doctor and the patient, "I was looking for you at the psych floor but they said you came down already."

"Yes, I did and I hope you don't mind me moving your patient here at the corner bed." Dr. Yang answered with an earnest smile on his face.

"But that doctor said… " The psychologist ruffles her brows in wonder.

She swerves her body around to search for the man in a white coat but the doctor is nowhere to be seen in the emergency room.

The ghost hastily marches away from the emergency section to avoid the therapist. His target isn't there and finding Yong InSu is his priority. He steps towards the admitting desk and quickly asks for the driver from the crash.

"Where is the patient Yong InSu?" The fake doctor asks the elderly nurse behind the desk.

"They took InSu to the MRI a while ago, doctor. I'll page you when the nurse brings him back to his room." The elderly nurse replied, staring at the doctor hiding behind the face mask.

"What's his room number?" The doctor insists while eyeing the therapist talking to the psychiatrist.

The elderly nurse furrows her brows wondering who the young doctor is but still quickly answers, "Room 212."

The monster in white coat quickly paces towards the closing elevator and tries to fit himself in the congested space. He has the perfect chance to end Yong InSu's life while the man is weak and unconscious from the accident and he doesn't want to lose the opportunity.

He reaches the second floor and wanders around the silent corridors checking every room number until he reaches the corner area. The ghost stops when he sees a male attendant set the unconscious patient back to his bed. The nurse's calculative moves are quick, putting back the heart monitor on Yong InSu's body and an oxygen mask on his nose to help the man breathe. When he finishes, he quickly leaves the room and walks away to the other side of the hallway, pushing the movable bed back to the service elevator of the hospital.

"Room 212." The ghost mumbles, staring at the number of the door after the attendant left.

Before opening the door, he checks the hallway for anyone who might see him and interrupt his plan. A doctor on rounds? A nurse walking around or Han Soojin? The therapist surprisingly has a way to find him and he doesn't know how she does it.

The quiet hum of air from the vent stops his ears from hearing a whirring sound of silence. He slowly reaches for the knob and turns it to open. From the small opening of the wooden entrance, he easily finds Yong InSu laying on the bed with wires connected to his finger and chest. The ghost gently pushes the door, enough for him to get in, and scours for the injection and drug on his pocket.

"Ghost…" A stern low voice behind the door calls the attention of the monster.

"Detective???" The ghost asks, he oddly arches his lips to sneer at the sneaky appearance of the investigator.

The detective is waiting for him to arrive at the room exactly as he had a chance to kill the suspect for Lee Yejoon's death.

"Let me guess, the therapist told you I'm going to kill Yong InSu at this hospital." The ghost sarcastically grins.

He finds an urge to kill the meddling therapist again and questions himself why he saved her from the car crashing at them.

"You know I'm not going to stop you if I'm certain that he's the one who killed Lee Yejoon." The investigator grumbles in the corner of the darkened room.

The man behind the face mask reaches for a small package of the syringe inside his pocket and opens it, "Isn't he the owner of the car? And the one likely to be angry with Yejoon?"

"Yes, that's why someone is framing him. He's the one everyone will suspect to kill his best friend." Detective SungMin watches the ghost take a bottle of drugs out of his pocket and gradually let the needle suck the clear liquid into the small container of the syringe.

"The only one who would want Lee Yejoon dead is InSu's stepfather and he has a good alibi." The ghost gently pushes the syringe until the drug comes out of its tip.

"Yes. That's why he's more likely to have paid someone to kill his stepson." The detective explains.

Though they don't have any evidence of a money trail from the stepfather and his alibi being at the party with witnesses on that day holds, the detective still feels Mr. Park is involved.

"The man who killed Yejoon knows him. Not just a paid assassin." The ghost claims, remembering the dream he had watching Lee Yejoon being murdered.

Detective SungMin's forehead folds as his mind begins to find anyone else who wants to kill Lee Yejoon while all the evidence points to the direction of his best friend. InSu also ran after seeing the steel bat at the hood of his compartment, indicating he knows something or someone connected to Yejoon's death. 

Unfortunately, the young man is now unconscious from the accident. The only way they can find an answer from him is through the therapist.

"We need to talk to Ms. Han Soojin. It will be easier—."

"NO!!!" The ghost suddenly grunts in protest of the detective's suggestion.

The wraith shrouded in an image of the dead shows a disgruntled face of annoyance from the therapist joining the investigation. "You're enough trouble to me, I'm not going to add another one."

The detective's face stays strict and expressionless. The demon's frequent complaint about living with an overseer is not new to him. But he is not there to care but to control the monster for killing an innocent man and he will do everything he can to help the ghost find the real killer.

'Should I reveal to this monster about Soojin's ability? Or not?' SungMin asks himself.

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He remembers what Ms. Han confesses before the ambulance leaves to take them to the hospital.

"You're helping the Ghost find Lee Yejoon's murderer right???" Soojin asks the Detective before getting inside the ambulance, "Yong InSu is not the killer."

"How did you know???" SungMin's brows crumple from the woman's claim.

"I see memories of people by touching them. I know he didn't kill Lee Yejoon." Ms. Han confesses.

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