The yellow tape surrounding the crash stops curious bystanders from getting through the area. Loud chatter from strangers assuming who died and how the driver steered forcefully into the old woman walking at the side of the road fill their stories with exaggeration. 

While other police manage the heavy traffic the accident caused on the road. A team of investigators comes in to begin their breakdown of the accident. Headed by Detective Lee SungMin who arrived first on the scene, they start to question the two teenagers and Ms. Han Soojin standing beside a police car parked at the side of the street.

"What's your name?" The investigator asks while scouring his pockets for something.

"Eu Chul Moo, sir," The tall teenager replies, bowing his head with hands on the side of his body to give respect to the officer.

"Can I see your school ID?" The man wearing a long trench coat demands while taking out his phone and opens a note application when he can't find the small notepad in his pockets.

Eul Chul Moo opens his shoulder pouch and scours for his ID inside. He immediately hands it over to the investigator after pulling it out of his bag.

"Do you know the old woman?" The officer inquires while typing the name of the kid's name in his notes using his fingers

"N-No, we only saw grandma sitting there," The slender kid points at the steel bench, "W-We were both waiting for the bus."

The detective types down the word "not relative" beside the teenager's name.

The detective hands back Chul Moo's ID and turn to the small man with chubby cheeks. His lips are pale like his cheeks, with a streak of redness on his eyes and uneasy movement of his hands. 

"What's your name, kid?" The investigator raises his question deliberately for the young man to comprehend his words better.

"R-R-Roe B-B-Bon H-Hwaaa," The teenager stutters while staring in the direction of the wrecked car and the old woman draped with a white cloth.

The iron scent of the blood on the road mixes with the sudden breeze that passes by. It gives chills to the young man's body while his brown irises widely glare at the image of a sickly old woman hunching on the steel bench at the shed.

The luminous red eyes staring in his direction grips him into a numbing shock of motionless terror. A broad smile on the bloodstained face adds further fear to his body and when the apparition suddenly appears in front of his face he squeals.


The crowd is surprised by the abrupt scream of the small teenage kid. 

"Roe BonHwa???" The detective calls the young man but he was ignored, "ROE BONHWA???" The investigator shouts.

The officer sets both of his hands on the lad and begins to shake his body to wake him up. Detective Sungmin steps towards them to inquire about the noise that the screaming kid continues to make. 

Eu Chul Moo watches his best friend continuously scream in terror. Roe Bonhwa's wide eyes are fixed in the direction of the collision. Deaf from all the yelling that the investigator did to raise his attention, Chul Moo turns to face his friend with a plan to get his best friend's consciousness back from shock.


The unexpected hard slap on Roe BonHwa's face did nothing to make him stop screaming.

What's happening here, Detective Bu JungHae?" SungMin firmly inquires about the investigator handling the two teenagers.

"I don't know, he just screamed while I was asking him about the accident," JungHae answers with his forehead folding from confusion.

Lee SungMin examines Roe BonHwa's face and realizes that the lad is in the middle of his traumatic attack. The boy cannot handle the bloody encounter and sudden death in front of his eyes.

Soojin peeks at the noise coming from one of the teenagers standing in front of Detective Lee SungMin. The two lads who were pranking each other before now look distressed from witnessing the accident.

The female investigator asking her question stares in the direction where she looks. They both wrinkle their forehead when Detective Lee tries to shake the kid's body harshly to wake him up.

Soojin quickly marches toward the screaming lad. She knows the detective only wants to help bring the young man's consciousness back but shaking him will harm his brain experiencing a traumatic shock.

"Ms. Han Soojin???" The female detective calls out the woman who suddenly walks out in the middle of the inquiry.

"Detective Lee!!! Stop it!!!" Soojin shouts to get the investigator's attention.

The SungMin turns his head and notices Ms. Han walking in their directions. The furrowing eyebrows of the woman confuse him, but the sudden realization of Soojin's profession urges him to step back from the teenager leave the issue to the woman.

'Ms. Han SooJin is a psychologist, she knows what to do to people in shock,' SungMin tells himself.

"Detective, what's happening here?" Soojin turns to the investigator to ask what triggered the panic attack.

"He suddenly screamed. He was in shock. We tried to wake him up, but nothing. Detective Lee replies, watching the kid continue screaming for no reason.

She veers around to face the kid and discovers his wide eyes no longer have any focus when she tries to put her mobile phone's flashlight directly on his sight. The same with the lad's other senses like hearing and pain. He no longer understands the words they say and when his friend slaps him hard, he can't feel any agony.

"He's in serious shock," SooJin concludes after examining the young man's mental state.

"How did you know?" The female investigator asks, raising his brow and thinking that Ms. Han is disrupting Detective SungMin's analysis.

"Ms. Han Soojin is a psychologist, Detective U HaeWon," SungMin answers his colleague's question.

Soojin sets both of his palms on the lad's cheeks and stares directly at the brown irises that reflect her face. The abrupt rush of stinging sensation gushes into her nerves. She can feel the teenager's severe terror and hears his intense scream. An image shortly appears in the kid's eyes that shocks her.


The old woman hideously shrieks and tries to choke her with her ghostly hands.

Soojin quickly puts her hands down and wakes up from the dreadful vision of the old woman. She steps back and looks at the teenager who finally stops screaming from shock.

Roe BonHwa turns to face his best friend and asks, "W-What happened???"

Eu Chul Moo happily embraces his best friend with tears flowing out of his eyes. He feels relieved to know that BonHwa's consciousness is back. The fear of watching his best friend lose his mind filled his heart with worry.

"I thought you would be sent to the cuckoo's nest." Chul Moo says, joking to hide his deep concern.

"What just happened???" Detective HaeWon asks, doubting the psychologist's action as part of therapy.

Detective Bu JungHae shrugs his shoulders and purses his lips. He doesn't know how the psychologist miraculously woke up a kid using her hands.


"You still need to be checked by a doctor, BonHwa," Soojin suggests, forcing herself to feel relieved from helping the teenager get back from the nightmare gripping his mind.

Though the ghost of the old woman blaming Soojin for her untimely death baffles her, there is only one person she believes can answer all her questions.

'From the detective's memory, the ghost said he wanted to get rid of me. Did he try to kill me?' Soojin wondered in her mind.

"She's right. You still need to be checked by a doctor." Detective Lee nods his head, "Since Ms. Han is a psychologist, it's better if you go with her."

"Will it be okay if we ride along with the ambulance, detective?" Ms. Han asks the head of the investigation.

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"Of course." SungMin raises his hand and points at the vehicle where they put the unconscious driver of the car.

"Thank you, detective Lee," Soojin begins to walk towards the ambulance, "I'll make sure the Ghost doesn't kill In-Su."

Detective Lee SungMin's eyes widen hearing the last words of the therapist before they head over to the vehicle. He glares at Ms. Han with narrowing eyes trying to figure out how the woman knew that Ghost plans to kill Yong In-Su.

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