"Lee Yejoon???" Soojin says the dead man's name.

Did she hit her head? Is she hallucinating right now?' She asks herself.

Still trembling from the incident, she stretches her arm and touches the man's sweaty face. The dust and dirt make the surface of Mr. Lee's skin rough to caress.

Soojin stares at the brown irises that reflect her face. She can feel his warm body underneath her chest. Every whiff of his breath gives her doubt that the man is dead or a part of her illusion and the memory that used to frighten her with every touch is gone.

"M-Mister L-Lee…" Soojin whispers, lowering her head.

Her throbbing heart begins to tumble around inside her chest rumbling her senses, making her lose her mind and all her restrictions. And like an apple falling from its tree, Soojin feels the force of letting her lips touch Yejoon's rims.

The entity holds her right cheek with his palm. Softly. Carefully. Staring at her eyes as she gazes at him.

"Soojin…" The ghost mumbles the woman's name.

Hearing Yejoon says her name sounds like an angel humming trumpets in her ears. Time appears to move slowly around them. She closes her eyes and lets her face move nearer, sharing the air the man breathes as their lips almost touch each other.

"Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" Soojin screams, feeling the pain on her face.

She quickly opens her eyes to see Mr. Lee yanking the skin out of her right cheek. Soojin remembers the man doing the same thing before when she discovers that he's dead.

The therapist tries to move her face away from the man's grip, slowly backing up and sitting on the pavement to grab Yejoon's hand pinching her face.

The Ghost arches his lips to show a wide grin on his edges. He feels a different kind of delight hearing the woman scream in pain as he squeezes the therapist's cheek with his hand.

'Is he beginning to enjoy this?' He asks himself.

They are both sitting on the dirty floor at the side of the road and bystanders begin to gather around them, curious at the accident and their current situation.

"Where's Mr. Park?" The tall slender teenager yells, scanning the area where the man used to stay kneeling on the ground.

He sees the woman and a strange man slump on the floor behind the bent metal bench and the dead old woman who was run over by the black car. He peers down underneath the vehicle but the large stinky man is gone like a bubble that bursts into thin air.

The chubby small one stands a few steps away from the scene, his face and lips are pale looking at the gruesome fate of the old woman they saw a couple of minutes ago. The blood all over the pavement and the bent body against the bench. 

The kid steps away and feels sick from his stomach. He puts both of his hands on his mouth to stop himself from puking all the food in his gut. But it was too late. He already spilled all the contents of his belly on the ground.

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The Ghost suddenly recalls the body he was wearing and let go of the therapist's cheek. He stood up from his spot hurriedly but the therapist caught his hand and grabbed onto him.

"Mr. Park???" Soojin calls out the man's name who she recalls was the one who holds onto her to protect her from the incoming car.

She studies Yejoon's clothes and remembers the sweaty shirt that Mr. Park wears. It looks looser on the man now that his body became fit.

A car park near the black vehicle that causes the accident. The man inside hastily comes out to check the tragedy. He took his phone out of his pocket to call the police but before he could dial the number on the screen, the white-haired man saw a familiar face standing beside a woman slumped on the ground.

"Ghost???" Detective Lee sees the therapist holding the dead man's hand.

"Huh???" Soojin turns her face to the man who called Yejoon a ghost.

The entity takes the opportunity of the therapist being distracted by the investigator and snatches his hands away from the woman's grip. He hurriedly waddles his way out of the crowd to get away from Ms. Han Soojin.

"Miss, are you alright?" The detective asks and offers his hand to help the woman get up from her spot.

The therapist grabs on to the Detective's hand and stands up. She dusts off the dirt from her clothes and says, "I'm fine, thank you."

Her eyes are still in Yejoon's direction, hoping to find where the man took off. When she was certain that she lost sight of Mr. Lee, she switched her gaze at the white-haired man who called Yejoon a "ghost".

Detective Lee immediately dials the number for an ambulance. Police cars arrived after his call to examine the crash. They forcefully open the door to the driver's side and check if the person inside is still alive.

The unconscious man is still breathing. From the movement of his chest to the faint groan that can be heard when the police try to wake him up to check his injuries.

The old woman squeezed between the car and the bench is automatically pronounced dead. With her fatal injuries from the chest and back. An officer covered the old woman with a white cloth to stop the onlookers from taking pictures of the elderly who instantly died from the car crash accident on the street.

"How the hell did this happen?" One of the police officers exclaims examining the crash and the death.

Accidents are always a cruel way to die. Never had a chance to fight for your life or prepared yourself to say goodbye. When it's your time, it's your time but when someone causes it, the person should pay for their crime.

'What the hell did he do this time?' The investigator scans the crash.

He knows what the entity is capable of and there is no doubt that Ghost attempted to get rid of the therapist using his devilish ways but someone dying is extremely disturbing to him.

'Did Ghost intend to kill the therapist?' Detective Lee asks himself.

When the ambulance arrives to get the driver out of the car, Soojin tries to take a glimpse of the person behind the accident. Her curiosity compels her to stay until the driver is hauled out and she was surprised to see who it was.

"Mr. Yong In-Su???" Soojin's wide eyes express her shock.

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