1 Chapter 1 : Modern Boy to Ancient Boy

A normal modern person like me is in Ancient poverty boy timeline,Hehehe.


Slipping down the stairs can't make my soul transmigrat to ancient time drama line where people's life like mine is considered 'nothing' .

"No no no this can't be happening specially to a person like me,The trouble avoider ," Li Wang said seating up on his mat of a bed thinking where did things go wrong then to realize he was a room with completely...Nothing in it except for two mat beds and a small cook place.

'Okay this place pretty much is empty and practically looks like a thunder strike here,'Li Wang thought than he looked down to his hand which was much paler than usual and such long hair no to be exact its Silver hair.

"Deep breaths," Li Wang mutter to himself inhaling and exhaling, Calming his nerves from such a cruel reality .

"Aaaa!W.what's going this m.memories,"The sudden pain arose in Li Wang mind , grabbing both sides of his head, clenching tightly, Memories of many things

Bullying - "You're freak with white hair,"No don't hit me please someone help!breaking point but yet to hold on.

Warmth - Mother,wait till I grow up and I will give everything to you make happiest mother. Silly promises.

Choices -"The Imperial Palace is recruiting servants and they pay well too ,I should tell mother. the cruelest ways

Starving - Hiding behind a smile to making you're mother eat enough , Yet to fell to an endless slumber but wake as brand new . l"m fine

"Aww! so this you're memories Li Wang but that's odd that we have the same name,"Rubbing his thinking to be interpre–

"My son are you okay?,"Someone like an older pale women run through the supposed to be the door which look like it needs repairing, with a creaked bowl in hand.

"Here drink this,"She knead in front of him holding the bowl near my lips, Sub-Consciously he neared himself drinking the funny tasting water While the old woman patted his head gently, Li Wang looked up to the old lady dressed in old brown patched up long sleeved Top and a pant. Mother

"Sorry my dear,mother can't provide for us,"Li wang looked up to the women who claims to be his mother to see her crying, Making him grab her waist hiding his face mother shoulder crook,Holding tight not to let go.

"It's okay mother it's my turn now,"Li wang said his eye blurry as tears appeared making it hard for Li Wang to see clearly .

"Son I have news,"The mother of Li Wang mutter in the silent room making him clenched his mother waist harder, Something is off her tone is really cold .

"Son the palace is employing servants and maids a.and the palace pays well but I don't want to send you to-but we n.no choice,"The feeling of Li Wang heart being stabbed in his mother arms, Why do feel this or Is it the original owners feeling be revoked, The question filled Li Wang making him feel drowsy as to the older woman he is holding has such a warmth.

'Is this how a mother hug feel like?Maybe I don't know,"The question remains unanswered as to why Li Wang as fallen asleep to his ancient mother warmth.


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