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Lover Undercover


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Levi Hart’s everyday tasks: Aiming at heads, check. Splintering an almost unhealthy amount of limbs and arms, check. And ah, trying not to kill her opponents accidentally. But Levi Hart’s life is about to change. Her best friend was murdered by Erin Laurent, a student at Greenhill College. Driven by the sorrow of her loss, she was given a mission from her society: Kidnap Erin Laurent to the society, and find out his father’s identity. Such an easy task for a professional agent, huh? You’d be surprised. She was about to be whisked to a place fraught with shadows and betrayals, and looming all over is the oh-so charming Erin Laurent.

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I am finding the story interesting. I have read about 5 chapters. The story is not the usual type of stories. The writing quality, Story development, Character design as well as the world background seems to be good. I cannot say much about the Stability of updates as so far only 7 chapters have been published. Keep the good work All the best.


Synopsis is not typical, with some intrigue. Which at the end of the text block becomes more fun. Was there a mole in their organization? Is it not a setup? Stupid coincidence? Failure? The text block is a bit epic. Not all dialogs are quoted. The first chapters should catch the reader so that he wants to read further. It seems to me that it would be good to make the first chapters more vivid, such as chapter 4. there is immediately activity and I want to read further, interest wakes up! Composition is the construction of a work of art. A retrospective composition may be in your novel - in the process of narration, the author makes a "digression into the past." From the first chapters, and then these first 3 chapters can be put after an interesting complication, when the reader will already understand that this is a really intriguing novel. In general, I liked your novel, it is unusual, not a simple plot, a fascinating story. If you work a little on the bright sides of the novel, it will shine! Thanks!


The writing style and story are definitely something else. More then the story I was intrigued by the author's way of writing and telling it, which in my opinion is nothing more than beautiful. Story by itself is good and worth giving a great to if your into that sort of genre


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