1 Friendship is more valuable then love

Meera said to Sira "don't you know a special person is coming into our office related to the CEO of this company.

Do you know? he has a special female member in his life. And she is comming tomorrow to our office. Our boss is in a relationship with someone."

Sira smiled 😊 and asked Meera "How do you know? "

Well that's a secret Meera replied.

Sira was thinking of herself.

But her dreams and heart will be breaking down like a glass soon.

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Suddenly a car has stopped in front of office and a lady came down from the car. Everybody in the office was there for greeting her.

Chief secretary of the CEO has came and gave her a bouquet of flower and said welcome Mrs.Mehera, we are waiting for you. Everyone this is the wife of Mr Mihir Mehera and the new personnel director of this Mehera Groups and Industry.

Sira was silent and stunned.

she said nothing to anyone and send a resignation letter to the production department.

As a intern nobody gave special attention on her so her resignation has approved without any mess.

She has gone early to home that day and started crying 😭 as hard as she can ,she doesn't eat anything whole day.

At the time of the evening when office hours ended and everybody started to go home the Boss came and asked about Sira.the receptionist said she has gone early in afternoon.

Mihir left worriedly the office and gone to her home, he knocked at her door please listen to me please give me a chance to explain, I want to tell you, but I didn't have any chance early , at first she didn't open the door for him but suddenly she opened the door because she wants to clear all things.

Sira started yelling at him,

Sira :- "why did you break my trust, why didn't you tell me that you are married, you used me when you need me, you used me, I was like a toy for you just play and let that be in a corner and I was a fool who was thinking that you love me".

"No that's not true I love you I have not told you because I know that you will leave me if you know that I am married. I have to marry her because of family pressure . I don't love her . I just love you and only you please don't leave me please 🥺. I will do whatever you want me to do. I am willing to leave anything just for you. If you want me I will divorce her please don't leave me". Mihir pleaded in front of her.

Sira :- "Listen you want me to become a mistress of someone else you want me to break someone else family for my own happiness that can't be possible. this is not love that's a pure obsession.

Forget that the we have ever meet, forget everything that happened, forget every little memory about us because I am not that greedy. Love is not something that can be achieved by force, Love is to see your lover happy.

If you want me to be happy and if you loved me a little, then don't let me even see your face in future. The story started two year ago now it came to his end".

(Three years ago)

Looking into her hand a girl was staring at a paper outside College. That was the number one college after university. "Finally I am here" the girl said,

she ask a boy that please can you tell me this address, I want to know where is the joining office for scholarship holder. Boy was stunned for a second but he told her address "go straight on second building room no.702 and ask permission from the personal assistant of the officer for meeting the officer".

thank you sir have a good day.

She reached at the office and start asking assistant to meet the joiner officer.

P.A gone into the room and came after some time said "well sir is busy, you have just 10 minutes go inside ".

Sira:- Good morning sir , I am a student from Arunas state I have won the scholarship for this college handing over a certificate to officer.

Officer:- yeah just a sec he opened his table drawer and pulled out a paper and told her fill that form and I will give you your Hostel room number after that.

This is a policy for scholarship holders they have to live in hostel, hostel fee will be given by government of the country. I hope you don't have any other questions.

Sira :- "yes sir " she filled the form.

Officer called to someone on phone and asked the number " 5002 okk ". looking at the form , so miss Sira your hostel room number is 5002 and this is your id card saw this card to guard at the hostel gate.

Sira:- thank you sir, have a great day.

Sira came out from office and asked P.A to tell her where is the hostel since this is a big college. Its very difficult to find hostel.

P.A. - go straight from this building and after running ground there is a gate named 'Student's Power' go on straight there is buildings Girl' era that is girls hostel every building named girl's era is girls hostel and it is in center of boys hostel. you can't have any difficulty to find your hostel.

Sira said "thanks you sir thank you very much ".

Sira reached at the gate after showing id card the thr gaurd let her in after that there was so many building named girls era one has her room she confused totally she asked that gaurd which building has 5002 room number? building number 20 replied by guard?

She just started walk for the hostel some boys stopped her way and suddenly their leader came and proposed to her "will you be my girlfriend".

that was Ishaan a third year student, group leader of all the seniors. Captain of sports team and one of the most handsome man of the college.

But she did not know him she was new in the college and also new in the city.

She doesn't accept his proposel but with a sweet way, the word she said has touched Ishaan's heart in a special way.

Sira :- Sir First thing is that You are good looking if you propose someone she will not say no, but do you know who I am? how I am ? and most important Sir Am I capable for you.

Sir it's just mine thinking that if you want to love someone please take time to know your partner. well we can be friend because love can happen after friendship but friendship can't happen after love. Love can leave you but friendship can't.

If we meet next time we will be friend already. Thanks sir.

Sira gone to her way.

Ishaan was smiling instead of being angry.

Everybody thinks that Sira is gone now she can't be able to stay in this college more then one month because Ishaan's personality is like he can't leave someone who insults him. Ishaan doesn't like girls why did he proposed her. He is someone with cool personality.

Why did he humiliate himself like this.

Everybody has this question on their mind except his friends.

Ishaan has gone to his way..