1 Wondering over her condition

Shimmer was sitting in her room wondering over all what had happened to her in all these years.Sha was actually thinking of her young beautiful self who was living her life happily before meeting Ruhaan,a doctor by profession .Her carefree lovely every were enough for anyone to fall in love with her . She was just thinking how she would be running here and there chasing the butterflies in the evening and then she would only stop to see the beauty of the sun drowning down . She could not help herself but was immersing down into the deep into her thoughts.She was so happy at the moment that she didn't even realize that the had night fall until when she heard a familiar voice calling"Shimmer, Are you there on the roof. Come down ,it is too late now "

Shimmer replied in a loud voice" Don't worry ,I will be there in 5 minutes "

And she once again pondered over her past few years and then eventually stand up to go downstairs after starting over the night sky filled with millions and billions of twinkling stars and the beautiful full moon.