338 Make A Public Apology

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Now, there was Jiang Yu and Mo Long. Li Lu was caught in the middle and didn't know what to do.

Mo Long said, "Li Lu, apologize to Yu'er."

Li Lu gritted her teeth and said, "Impossible!"

Jiang Yu crossed her arms and looked at Li Lu calmly.

She didn't want to hear Li Lu apologize to her. She just wanted to see how Li Lu wanted to resolve this matter.

After all, Li Yue had her manager and her agency to deal with, but Li Lu didn't have anything.

Mo Long asked, "Have you thought about it?"

"Yes!" Li Lu gritted her teeth. "You want me to apologize to Jiang Yu? In your dreams!"

She didn't believe that if she didn't apologize, Mo Long and Jiang Yu would do anything to her.

Mo Long said, "Li Lu, you and Li Yue were the ones who did this. Don't think that I don't know. After Li Yue found out about the incident, she stayed at her own place. Why did you come out and bark?"

Li Lu said, "I..."

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