1 Prologue


" Where am I?? "

She was still in a daze when she opened her dark circled eyes as she found only dense darkness engulfing her from around..

She strived to arise but a fierce pain that showed up from her wrist coerced her crumpling on the gelid floor again. Shrieking in pain, she did another endeavour to get up and finally succeeded.

With a pair of drowsy eyes, she struggled to look around inside the little room but in her terror, there was no glimpse of light in that lusterless room..

She gasped painfully and budged her mind to think back to everything that had happened earlier before she became unconscious..

This is Esme Watts. A university student from Sunflower International University who was accomplishing her major in Computer Science. Pampered by her parents entirely from her birth as she was the precious princess in her parent's world.

Yesterday she was appearing out from a renowned bar almost at midnight. At that moment she was ambushed all of a sudden from behind and as of now, she was imprisoned in this murky room just like a captive. 

The last thing she could recall was the face of an outrageous man who was dragging her forcefully inside a Royal Royce..After that everything was a blur in her mind. 

By dragging forward her numb body, she pulled out the heavy velvet curtains hanging on a wall and noticed a transparent half-broken window behind those curtains. Without hesitating for a moment, she opened the window completely with a craving for some fresh air as the darkness inside the room was suffocating her. 

She was momentarily speechless after watching the scenery over the window. It was like wintertime. The parky breeze was blowing over her pale face.. She was standing silently at the window side sinking in her profound thoughts..

A moment later, she detected something unprecedented about the scenery outside there. It didn't appear like her known human realm at all.. That place resembled more like a castle as she could see the giant gate from her broken window..Over the gate, there were only tall trees wrapped with darkness and a little fountain just in front of the castle.

Why did they abduct me here?? 

What do they want from me? 

I'm not now in my known world !! 

A crack from the door brought her sense back to reality.. She turned back jolting in fear slightly to see the entrance.. 

A pair of long legs entered into the room through the silhouette.. At that moment, she looked up and found a very handsome face eyeing over her.. 

It was a perfect face that could be only defined as God gifted. He had sword-shaped eyebrows, thick white skin and a straight elegant face. It comprised a pair of deep red eyes that were cold and intense just like the ocean. 

He had a straight jawline with thin lips and a subtle smile on his sexy lips.. Glueing his eyes over her beautiful face, he uttered a word casually, 

" Beautiful."

Esme was a little taken back at his word. I mean seriously, this was the first time she confronted a man who was so brazen like him. 

He kidnapped her, imprisoned her here and yet he dared to call her beautiful!.. 

Undoubtedly Esme Watts was beautiful like an angel. Her face was a pure kind of beauty. Albeit her body was so sexy that it could cause anyone's nosebleed. She had a pair of drawn blue eyes which was damn seductive. 

Her cherry-like lips were an appeal to any other man.. Whatever she was, indeed she had a little temper.. 

Even though she was truly frightened inside her heart yet dared to raise a question taking a step towards that cold man, 

" Who are you?? Why did you seize me here? "

Aaron Richards had a devilish grin on his handsome face.. He lived for more than 3000 years. Yet nobody ever dared to talk back to him staring at his eyes. He was always a dreadful person to all the citizens in his world.

He was the youngest vampire king to take over the throne in the history of the vampire clan. Even all of his enemies were well cognizant of his ruthless nature..

Speechlessly, he didn't sense any outrage inside him on her behaviour. He took a step closer to her body but she instantly stepped back with frowning. 

Aaron didn't saunter further as he uttered in his domineering voice, 

" You are my wife from now on. You don't need to be afraid of me.. "

Esme was astounded hearing that ridiculous line.

  " What?? "

Aaron took another step closer to her body as he declared coldly, 

" From today,

  everything that belongs to you is mine.. "

Esme was still a little taken back as she stared at that brainless man in front of her..

He is joking, right? 

Aaron stretched out his hand gently to touch her delicate face. Esme was so lost to counter his action that she even became unaware of his mischievous hand roaming on her body. 

His slender nails caressed her lips and then slowly her broad neck. Gliding down, he pointed on her chest before whispering in a seductive voice, 

" Your lips, your neck, your body all belong to me.. From now on, each breath that you will take is mine.. 

Everything about you now belongs to only one person.. Aaron Richards, the vampire king. "

Esme was on the verge of crying as she whispered fearfully, 

" Va.. Vampire king.. "

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