1 It’s not fair

Ever notice how everyone in the world seems happy when they're with someone how come it's not like that for me I mean I try to get along with others but it just never seems to work that way oh how I wish I could be understood I wonder what world like that would be like to walk outside your friends waiting for you but that's never gonna happen I'm just a sad lonely person in this World I mean I even have a boring name "Hope". Who in the world won't be friends with someone like me no one is who but since this is my diary I guess I should tell you how my day went so first like any normal boring girl would do I got up late of course and had no breakfast and then I had to go to school which kind of sucks but hey at least it's better than being bored all day I guess. . . Anyways the rest of my day has been pretty boring oh and the fact that people keep staring at me it's so weird no one has ever noticed me before why would they now?