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Love to hate me


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Crazy love [love to hate me] It all started when I audited in the global audition conducted by bighit entertainment. I didn't want to but my friend forced me to and I passed the audition. I received the mail and told her about it she was so happy and begged me to travel to south Korea. she is obsessed with kpop and here am I a person who hates almost everything about kpop. yeahhhh I exist and my name is Tosho a black girl who passed an online audition. I don't know if I was lucky or it was my talent. Follow me on this exciting journey, a journey that entails love,betrayal,adventure etc. Author's note Hey guys,its me Tobi. Follow me on this page and let's see how Tosho overcomes and flourishes in south Korea. Yeah I know you all will think am delulu but I want something different, I don't want to write the normal fanfic but something spicy. Let's go on this journey together and I promise you won't regret it.pls share and invite your friends. Thanks