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Shu walked down the long, dwindling hallways. Eyes half lidded, he lifted a hand to fix a earbud that was slipping out. His sluggish movements allowed steps to echo in the desolate space.

He was only up and about, because he wanted to confirm if the rumors about the new student was true. Apparently, he was mysterious enough for no one to know his name. This didn't stop people to make rumors about if he was hot, ugly, human, or a supernatural. Shu guessed he was probably a human that was scared of everything like, the lewd sacrificial bride, Yui.

The apathetic male stopped in his tracks, smelling a some what sweet scent, which was unusual for him as he hates food that is too sweet. Grapefruit and vanilla wafted through the hall Shu, unconsciously, following it's trail.

He ended up at his music room, seeing the door slightly ajar. He opened the door letting light shine into the dark room. His eyes laid on a muscular, tall man, lying on the couch he always had his naps on. A groan sounded through the room as the mysterious man sat up. The man's eyes opened, making Shu gasped quietly as piercing amber orbs were seen through the dark.

"Are... you gonna stand... there, vampire?", his eyes narrowing. Shu gulped feeling slightly intimidated by the man. He walked in, pushing in the door closed behind him.

"What's your name, vampire?", voice so deep and husky that Shu's cold heart started to heat up a little. He guessed that this man in front of him was the new, mysterious student everyone was talking about. Well he can definitely confirm that he was hot as hell itself and voice as deep as the Challenger Deep.

"Shu...", he said while surveying man in front of him. He had an aura that exudes sexuality and maturity, unintentionally, that sent his body in to overdrive. Shu felt completely vulnerable against the male's amber orbs that lingered on his form.

"M/N...", he said finally standing up. Shu felt even more inferior when M/N's 6'2" body towered over his 5'11" form. M/N's grapefruit and vanilla fragrance overpowered Shu again, when he came closer to him. M/N grabbed his hand, leaning down to his neck, sending shivers threw Shu's body. He sniffed him, whispering one word that changed Shu's life forever.

"Mate...", he whispered gruffly.




Ayato wiped his forehead, disgusted as he felt beads of sweat sticking to the back of his hand. After two hours of playing basketball, he was finally finished. He wanted to improve because he hated it when his classmates looked down on him, but he loathed when they said he was bad at basketball.

It was after school, so he decided that he would shower at school. Normally he wouldn't because he didn't want other people looking at him in any type of perverse way, he wanted to do that to them instead, tho. Ayato already knew he was bi, he never told anyone in case they took it as something else to look down upon him for.

Ayato walked towards the boy's locker room, stopping when he was hit with the woodsy and floral scent of cedar and jasmine. Straining his ears, he hears the faint sound of water flowing. Wanting to investigate further before leaving, he walked towards the showers doors. It was slightly ajar, he pushed it to the side, mouth watering at what greeted him on the other side.

He watched as steaming water showered down on the olive tanned male. His eyes closed as he rubbed soapy suds in to his hair, roughly. His eyes immediately zoomed in to the male's flexing chest, having a little stubble on it. Following a droplet of water trail down to his stomach, he gulped. A trail of hair led down to his waist, the hair on his olive body made Ayato feel a little aroused. He found hair on a toned body to be attractive, it just screamed maturity and confidence to him. He followed the male's v line arriving at the most seductive part of a male Ayato could ever see. The muscle hung between his legs, thick and long, veins littered throughout it. His eyes rolled to back of his head, moaning lowly as the tent in his trousers grew bigger.

Ayato opened his eyes to find the olive male's violet eyes on him, with a smug smile on his face. Feeling embarrassed, he turned to run away, but there was a firm grip on his hand already. He felt water droplets from the towering male fall on to him. Licking his chapped lips, he shuddered feeling his body be pulled in to the wet, warm body behind him.

"Why are you... spying on people, while... they are in the shower", the male said, his head getting closer to Ayato's neck. Ayato's lips trembled knowing whose sensuous and rich voice was being projected. It was the new student M/N's voice, coming to this fact after over hearing him talk to a teacher while he was on his way to basketball practice.

M/N's hands trailed down Ayato's 5'8" figure, squeezing here and there. Ayato mewled, hands shakily gripping M/N's trying stop them from proceeding further.

"M-M/N...", he breathed out, biting his lip trying to stifle anymore moan from coming out. M/N grazed his canines against Ayato's sweet spot, nibbling it, creating a love bite.

"You know who I am... little vampire. Might as well... tell me who you are", he whispered licking up his neck.

"Ore - sama.... --I mean Ayato S - Sakamaki", he stuttered feeling weak to the onslaught of pleasure he was being given. M/N grinded against his backside slightly, before letting go.

"You better leave before I do something you will regret", M/N growled out feeling his inner animal trying to break out its restraints, panting a little, smelling Ayato's arousal. Ayato came back to his senses, having a huge blush cover his face. He teleported to his house, into his dark room, his body tingling still.

"I'll see you tomorrow, little one", M/N's voice seemed to whisper.



"TEDDY!!", a shocked/furious voice echoed through the empty halls. Rapid footsteps were heard as a small vampire knelled to the floor. Tears blurred his vision as his one best friend laid on the floor dead. Stuffing laid around the teddy as if it were blood at a crime scene.

A group of new boys to the side snickered as they watched the scene unfold before them. They were new to the school and wanted to prank anyone they thought seemed weak, vulnerable. However, they didn't know that Kanato was a vampire, not knowing of the significance of strength he had compared to them as humans.

"Awe, is the poor baby going to cry to his mom", the boys mocked, finding pleasure in seeing the small boy in tears. Kanato glared at them through his tears, causing them to laugh more. He became more angry, about to explode until.

"Can someone please tell me why there is a ripped up teddy bear on my floor", a slightly hoarse, gravelly calm male voice demanded. Silence was his response causing him to place his fingers to the bridge of his nose, irritated.

"I'm not going to repeat myself again. Why is there a ripped up teddy bear on my floor", he demanded again, a little anger being shown. The male had a grey suit on, obviously conveying he was a very important person. The boys off to the side started to whisper among themselves,

"It's the headmaster, we're screwed if we don't get outta here", one said looking scared. Kanato glared at them wanting to be petty, since they decided to kill Teddy.

"They killed.... Teddy because... they wanted to... bully me... for no reason", Kanato gulped consistently through the sentence feeling exhausted through the excessive amount of crying he did. The headmaster narrowed his eyes when he heard the word 'bully', turning his furious gaze to the boys who flinched.

"In my office, now", he growled, his voice not letting them speak in reply, the boys immediately ran towards his office. He sighed in relief, turning towards Kanato, he walked to him. He held out a hand,

"My names M/N, what is yours?", he monotonously asked. Gripping on to his hand, he answered

"...Kanato", M/N hoisted him up, thumbs gently wiping away his tears.

"Lets get your friend fixed up, hmm?", M/N reached out and grabbed teddy and the stuffing around him. Motioning him to follow, M/N walked threw the hallways, with Kanato's small hand gripping the back of his suit, like an afraid child. They reached they end of the hallway and opened a door to the right. M/N turned on the light, revealing a room with sewing supplies in it.

M/N walked to a table placing down everything, before taking a seat. In front of him was a sewing machine, making Kanato's light purple orbs light up in realization of what he was finally doing. Silently, M/N started to fix Teddy, Kanato awkwardly standing off to the side. Without looking up from his work, he offered

"Do you want to sit on my lap, Kanato?", he asked pushing his chair back. Kanato wanted to but he hesitated, not wanting to seem eager in case it came off weird to his potentially new friend. M/N watched as he hesitated, instead of waiting he placed a arm around his waist and another under his knees and lifted him up, on to his lap. Kanato gasped softly as M/N leaned to his ear,

"Would you like me to stay with you during the day?",he asked.

"Yes, please...", Kanato whispered, shuddering. He felt safe and warm when he was with M/N. He felt comforted for once and he wasn't about to let the opportunity to have it forever slip from his grasp.




Laito ran his finger tips over the edge of his fedora as girls surrounded him. His face portrayed a seductive smirk, however inside he was cringing in disgust. 'They sound like annoying screaming squirrels'. He licked his lips creating anther reaction from the girls, before the bell rang. The girls awed, before walked away to class. His tense shoulders relaxed, breathing out a sigh of relief.

Smiling to himself, he took a stroll through the silent hallways, humming quietly. The fragrance of ginger and nutmeg wafted up his nose as he sniffed repeatedly. A smug smirk made it's way onto his face, because based on how strong it was and the slight musky smell added to it, it meant someone was either masturbating or having sex.

He picked up his pace, taking many twists and turns until he reached his targeted door. Silently, he pushed the door ajar a little, to hopefully get some blackmail on the person inside to spice up his school life. His jaw dropped, lips slightly chapped as he observed what was inside.

A muscular male leaned against the furthest wall from the door in the pitch black classroom. He had the bottom of his shirt in his mouth, showing his otherwise shielded abs. Trousers thrown astray on a nearby table, boxers pulled down to his knees. His hands roughly gripped the thick, erected muscle, running his hands up and down it. The firm grasp on the shirt was released as a throaty, breathy groans escaped his mouth. Saliva escaped his mouth as his canine's grew in size. Laito mewled at the heavy scent of ginger and nutmeg as it hit him, causing the tent in his trousers to get bigger. He unbuckled his trousers, pulling down his boxers, grasping his smaller muscle firmly. He watched the man apply pressure to a large vein that ran up his penis, letting out a growl, in turn causing Laito to let out a high pitched moan.

This went on for a few more minutes. The man letting out a few more growls, groans and throaty moans as he pleasured himself; Laito's body heating up more and more in response letting high pitched mewls and whines get ripped out of his throat. The man's body started to shake even more as he neared his orgasm, just as he was explode his half lidded misty charcoal orbs met Laito's emerald one's. Laito gasped, letting out a loud moan before slumping against the door. As this happened the male let out a deep, guttural growl as his eyes flashed between grey and red, canines biting down on his full lips, letting a drop of blood from Laito's body



Reiji sat at the front of his class at his desk. He sat quietly with his hands crossed on he desk, silently judging everyone who, unfortunately, fell in to his line of vision. A few moments later, his red orbs laid upon a male who was sleeping, with his head resting on his desk. He slid his his 0.5 lens sized glasses up his nose as he surveyed the male a few desks away.

The first two features that caught Reiji's attention was the male's natural, thick eyebrows and his veiny arms. The male's eyebrows gave him a rough, rugged look that Reiji loved, even though he loved having such a polite and sophisticated look for himself. The man's veiny hands caused many images of him giving him the most painful pleasure he could ever receive from someone else.

Before he could look over the male's features, the male opened his eyes revealing the most dark lapis orbs. The lapis orbed male yawned and stretched, showing more of his veiny arms concealed under his white shirt sleeves. This simple action caused more images to race through his mind, arousing him even more than he was already.

The male settled down observing his surroundings, catching Reiji's eyes on him. He smirked, flustering Reiji slightly, a light pink blush dusting his cheeks. Reiji turned his head facing the front, coincidentally at the exact same time the professor came in.

"... In this project you will need to have a partner, because one needs to record down observations and the other has to do the practical. No need to worry I already sorted the partners as I don't want one person doing all the work, while the other slacks off...", students groaned as they didn't get to be with their friends.

".....Sarah and Dave, Reiji and M/N, ...", Reiji didn't know who this M/N person was, but he hoped he wasn't like Shu, a useless deadbeat.

"Go and start your projects somewhere in the school with your partners for the rest of this period. I don't really care...", the muttered quietly, already gaining a headache from the student's loud voices.

Reiji was suddenly pulled out his seat and was teleported to the library. Stumbling in shock, strong arms wrapped around his mid section, to stabilize him. He touched the arms around him, feeling every intricate vein, gasping softly when he realized that this is the male that he saw earlier. He pulled away only to be yanked back into his hard chest. Looking up, Reiji saw M/N his partner for the project looking down at him with a smug smile.

"Nice to meet you, R e i j i", sounding each letter of his name,"I hope we have a lot of fun together", M/N said showing off his canines.