1 The Meeting (1)

"When i miss you, I close my eyes

And I can see that person better"


In the middle of December, the snow fell quite heavily. Everything in my sight turned white. I can barely see any color besides white. I hugged my trembling legs and curled in the corner of this bus stop. I can only blame myself for having such bad luck.

Because I fell asleep at this bus stop, I missed the last bus and now I can't even go anywhere because the snow is too thick and there's no taxi around here at this time.

While grumbling and blaming my bad luck, I suddenly saw a dim light at the end of the road. I squinted my eyes and thought, was there a house around here? I tilted my head, trying hard to remember. I passed this road no lest than hundreds of times but I don't remember there was a house there.

"Ah fuck it, I'll just go and check it first, else I froze to death here," I thought while standing and started to walk shakily. The wind was too strong and the snow was too heavy. I can barely walk straight in this snow.

I stopped right in front of the gate of the house. The house was a small two stories house and looks a bit old with a touch of European style. I hesitated a bit before knocking, it was in the middle of the night and I don't know whether the owner was asleep or not.

Knock Knock.. I braved myself and knock on the door. There was no sound from the house. I was at a lost at what to do. Was the owner sleep already? I knocked again, this time I tried to shout,"Excuse me, is there anyone home?"

Not too long after that, the curtain on the second floor opened a bit. I saw a shadow of a person there and shouted, "Hello, I am sorry but can you please let me stay here tonight? It's snow heavily and I can't go anywhere." The curtain closed again and I can hear a sound of a door opened and closed. I sighed in relief and wait patiently in front of the gate.

In just a minute, the front door opened and a handsome man in his pajamas walked to the gates with his eyelids half-closed. He probably just woke up because of me. I felt sorry and didn't know what to say for a second.

"What can I help you with?" Seeing that I stayed silent, he asked me first.

"Uh… so..sorry to bother you at midnight like this, I missed the last bus and can't go anywhere because of the snow, uh I hope I can stay the night here," I said in a shaky voice because it was too cold and I can't stop trembling.

"Ahh, no worries, please come in, you can stay in the guest room," he said while smiling gently. I looked at him dazedly, he really is a handsome fella, I thought. The man has clear blue eyes and a beautiful blonde hair, his face looked like a sculptured statue.

"Thank you," I said while following behind him and entered the house.

"Do you want a hot chocolate? I see that your hand is trembling," he turned and smiled at me.

"Uh, okay, sorry to trouble you," I replied with a small voice. I felt bad for troubling him too much, but I really wanted something warm.

"Haha why are you saying sorry all the time, I was the one who offered it, don't feel sorry, just sit there first" he winked at me and walked to the kitchen. I felt my face turned hot and can only sit at the chair obediently.

While waiting for the hot chocolate, I looked around the room and saw so many framed pictures on the wall. There was a lot of old picture of a woman and a man in European style clothes. The woman looked young and beautiful, her hair long and straight, her eyes big and her lip pink like a rose. The man looked handsome, his eyes gentle and in almost all the picture, he looked at the woman lovingly.

"Eh, he looked a bit like that man, is he his father?" I saw there was a few pictures of the couple with a child around the age of ten or twelve.

"What are you looking at?" I snapped off my thought and saw that man already stand beside me with two cups of hot chocolate in his hand. He sat in the chair in front of me and sipped the hot chocolate while giving the other cup to me.

"Thanks. Uh, I just looked at the pictures there," I took the cup and lowered my head to sip at the hot chocolate. I felt the warm spreading in my stomach and sigh contently.

"Oh that, it mostly my grandparent's pictures, my grandfather looks a lot like me, isn't it?" He smiled at me and stopped sipping his hot chocolate.

"It's your grandfather? You really look a lot like him, so is that kid in the pictures your father?"

"Yep, this was my grandparents home. No one live here until I moved here a couple of months ago. It even scared me the first time I saw this house!" He explained while laughing. With one hand propped at his chin, he asked me, "Right, I remember we haven't introduced ourself. My name is George, what about you?"

"I am Kyle, nice to meet you George," I smiled and thought, it really is nice to meet him, if not for him I might die of hypothermia. I shivered at this thought.

"Haha, nice to meet you too. It's late, lets sleep first, it's not too late to get to know each other more tomorrow, " he yawned and brought me to guest room before he went to the second floor.

"Good night, Kyle."

"Good night, George."

The moment I touched the bed, I fell asleep until morning.

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