Love Separated by The Atlantic
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Love Separated by The Atlantic


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What is Love Separated by The Atlantic

Love Separated by The Atlantic is a popular web novel written by the author Strale, covering ROMANCE, LOVE, EXPLICIT, SERBIA, EMOTIONAL, IRISH, BELGRADE, SERBIAN, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 57.8K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 2 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 23 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


This story is a sequel to 'That One Flight', I recommend you read that story first (if you haven't) just for the story to make more sense :) *This book has some explicit content* *UNDER REVISION* BOOK TWO from the 'O'Neill Series'. *PREVIOUSLY NAMED 'LOVE IN BELGRADE'.* *EXTRACT FROM THE STORY* "Umm, hi James, Ana here... in case if this phone number does not seem familiar to you. I just wanted to see how you are... umm... so... how are you?... I'm good if that is what you were going to ask me..." I pause before letting out a sigh. "But not as good as when I am with you..." I say, not believing how freely I just said that. "I... I miss you... very much... I can't help but wonder if you feel the same about me... if you miss me too...". Then my mind goes blank. "I... I..." I begin, searching for a topic. "I hope you have a good stay in Belgrade... I guess me wishing that I could see you again would be a bit too much of a wish..." I end my words with a giggle. I find myself, once again, walking around my living room. "Anyways, that is all that I wanted to say. I wanted to see how you are and if everything is okay. I also read that letter... you have a really beautiful way with words..." I say. "But how do you know I don't like being woken up?... Actually, I don't think anybody likes being woken up, so scrap that question..." I giggle, but then I shake my head. I am taking too long. "Sorry, this message must be very long by now, so I am going to finish now... I just... I really want to see you in person again..." I then once again pause as I look down at my legs that rub my carpet. "Anyways... that is all I have to say... see you- I mean, probably not really, but I am hoping I'll get to see you, you know...". A sigh escapes my lips. "Bye..." I say before distancing my phone from my ear and press the red button.


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I find it interesting as its first sequal... Their quality time was perfectly described and their feelings for each other and past work details also.. But from what i left confused and suspicious is of james's identity and Okay he just met her in flight only but how he got her address and the way he was saying that we will meet sooner than you think .. twice it felt something curious to me ... Or just tell that i am thinking nonsense 😛🤭


Book is good 👍😎 Read it you will love 😘 it . It's sequel is also completed . So just read and. Love 😘❤


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