Love Salvation Of The Universe Book

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Love Salvation Of The Universe


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Love Salvation Of The Universe A young woman and man fall in love at first sight. They are persecuted by the followers of the demon underworld. A fallen god was cursed by every person he killed on earth and is desperately searching for the cure to restore to his former self. *** Together and sometimes apart, two young people have to face a time where the world is dark and evil. Ultimately their love conquers the demons and creates a device that saves the mortal realm. They open the gates of Heaven's Kingdom of Love, where they are the rulers. They lived for thousands of years and had a daughter. She was kidnapped as a baby and cursed down into modern China. They need to forsake their position and go back down to the mortal realm to find her. But the ultimatum is that they have to forget everything that had happened. And who they are. No cultivation. Just six grown sons to help from heaven. ——-**——- Cover borrowed from Pinterest.


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