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To tell the truth I am quite surprised not to see any stories between spiderman and fernandi, so I think this would actually be the first time they are writen as a couple.

Note : I do not own anything.

The heroes have finally won the war of realms, they can finally rest easy knowing that their world is safe and sound from any danger.

Spiderman stood next to the heroes with a smile, after everything they have won, in the distance he saw the form of a woman he recently got to know,she was a blond woman with blue eyes and short hair, she was his enemy turned ally who without her they would have lost their lives many times over,she was litrealy an angel of heaven her name is fernandi, a person who he convinced to rebel with her faction and join them.

He saw her approach and the heroes behind him tensed ready for a fight, peter turned to them and told them to stand down.

Carol: are you crazy,she is an enemy.

Barton: yes but she is a looker.

Peter: I said stand down and clint if you ever say anything about my friend again I will have thousand of spiders devour you alive, do you understand me,same to all of you.

The heroes were all stunned and scared by what was said by spiderman,they have never seem him so serious and threatning but they consented to his demands and shut up, well all but one.

Clint : hah as if you can ...

Peter having non of it telepathically summouned thousands of spiders and set them on clint who was running away screaming like a little girl.

Fernandi who heard eveything but pretended she did not was touched that peter defended her .

Fernandi: Is something the matter ?

Peter : oh nothing important just clint being himself right guys ?

Peter turned to his allies with a scary smile and they all nodded in fear.

Fernandi: well everything ended and we must return to heaven.

Peter : It was an honer to fight with you and if you ever need help do not hesitate to ask.

The angels behind stood ready to leave but a blinding light stopped them. And they saw the creator of everything,and they all bowed and so did the heroes except spiderman.

The heroes and angels looked at spiderman as he was crazy when he walked up to the one above all and greated him.

O.A.A : HELLO peter my son,it is good to see you again.

The heroes as well as the angels had their jaws down,not only did peter know god but he was friendly with him.

Peter : so why are you here.

O.A.A: To fix some things, first fernandi as you know the former queen is dead and she will need to be replaced,so I ask you to be the leader, do you accept ?

She just nodded completly numb while spiderman gave her a thumbs up.

O.A.A: Now peter I have to reward you too, without you this battle would be lost and unlike the other heroes you made pieace with the enemy and did not attack blindly. You can ask for anything power,money, or even bring a dead person to life.

Peter was ecstatic he can finally have his uncle back and gwen too,as he looked around his eyes landed on fernandi who he remembered her tale and so he turned around .

Peter : I ask that you please remove the law that says angels cannot love and bring back  anemone back to life.

This stunned everyone,they thought he was going to wish for money or power but he didn't use the wishes on himself.

O.A.A: SO be it .

Fernandi's eyes began to fill up with tears as she looked at peter,never had she seen someone so selfless and as her former lover appeared she reached out to her and hugged her and both began to cry.

Fernandi: thank you thank you so much spiderman I can never repay you.

Peter: No worries that is what friends are for, I belieave I should start calling you your majesty.

Fernandi: you can call me fernandi my friend and are always welcomed in heaven.

With that and after a goodbye the angels left with a new leader and new hope.

2 years later.

Fernandi: Those foolish humans,how dare they.

The queen of angels was seething on her throne, she was angry at humans and heroes who are so blinder than a bat, they left peter a man she admired in soltitude of limbo against horrible odds but not only did he win,but even after his sacrafice he was treated as a villain and a certain archer whom she despised after hearing what he said about her claimed credit from the archaind and made him look like a coward.

Anemone who was sitting on a throne next to her was also angry, without the archaind she would not have united with her love and would not have brought back honer to the angels,she and fernandi have watched peter for sometime now and they were amazed by his willpower and drive to do the right thing, they were also mad at his fiancee who left him at the alter as well as his aunt who disowned him and gwen stacy who cheated on him,however she was now paying the price being banished to hell by an angry queen.

Amemone : I have an idea,how about we kill two birds with one stone, the council has been demanding a heir and I cannot give you that as much as I want to, so how about we stick it to their faces and choose peter,they cannot deny him as he is favored by the O.A.A and we owe him a great debt, we would also be removing him from a toxic enviroment and he is also the only man we approave of.

Fernandi(smiling) : have I ever told you how much I love you.

Anemone: you can say it more.

In new york 1 month later.

Peter was swinging through the city stopping thieaves when his spidersense went of and did not stop buzzing.

Peter:(shit something bad is going to happen but what).

Angels suddenly desended on New york by the thousand all of them holding weapons and ready for battle.

A giant screen appeared and suddenly fernandi herself appeared

Fernandi: citizens of earth we mean you all no harm, we have come in order to retreave my future husband as well as my queen's and the future king of heaven,give him to us now and no problems will occur,we speak of spiderman also known as peter parker .


IN avengers tower :

All were stunned silence at the news.

Tony: fucking lucky bastard.

Steve : language.

Carol: is this real?

She hulk: yes it is .

Natasha and jessica were suprised and mouths hanging at the idea of their crush marrying a queen.

In laveteria

Doom: build a spiderman statue made of gold.

In baxter building :

Susan fainted hearing the declaration

Valerie : uncle peter is going to be a king.

Franklin: forget that he is getting married,we have to save him.

Jonny : why is it always him that get the babes.

Grimm : lucky webhead.

In X mansion:

All were sitting stunned at the declaration

Logan : well webs congratulation on marriage.

Charles: erik am I dreaming if so please pinch me.

Erick: I dont belieave you are charles this is surprising.

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Hope : this will not happen .

Hope had to be restrained by all mutants to stop her from wagging war on angels and let's just say many were scarred by the actions in their attempts to stop a red haired girl in love .

Black cat was stealing a painting from a museum when she heard the news,she was angry,the spider was hers and now some winged woman claims him as hers she did not thimk so.

Peter was surprised by the situation he had gotten to, after getting married to both, he spent time getting to know both women before he fell in love with them and was comfortable having a child with them. He cried as he held his daughter with anemone but what was surprising is him having a son with fernandi as male angels were rare (canon). Being king meant that he had to leave earth and was alot of responsibility but he was sure things on earth were fine.

On earth things were totally not fine, the streets were burning and crime was at an all time high, the heroes had tried to stop it but failed, only now did they understand their need for spiderman but it was too late.

                                  The End.

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