Love me, Mr. Yummy! Book

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Love me, Mr. Yummy!


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Before knowing each other well: BAM! Eiziel cornered Rocen on the wall looking straight into his eyes with domineering and proud smirk. "What can I do for you?" The idol asked, his expression remaining calm, seemingly unaffected by the other's wild, arrogant, magnetic charisma. "I'm cursed, you're my cure. Sleep with me once, little cutie?" Rocen: "…" "I'm not asking you to be responsible after. Just be my medicine. I'll reward you by making you popular." "No, thank you. I'd rather be forgotten and be an extra forever." After knowing almost everything about the other: Domineeringly hitting the wall, slightly panting, as he striked a graceful pose to show how cool he is as he almost glared hatefully at the younger man calmly looking at his phone on the side. "I'm dying from exhaustion and my curse! Hurry up and sleep with me. The adult version!" Gently putting the diligent boss in the bed and covering him with a blanket. "You're sleepy, I know. Shall I sing you some lullaby?" "Fuck." The beauty cursed as he felt the gentle pats on the blanket. "Atleast give me a kiss!!" ......


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