1 Chapter One

Thinking is difficult , that's why people judge . ♡Carl Jung♡



The two read lines made this pretty boy force himself not to cry . He never expected it , how can he get pregnant? It's not like it's not common man getting pregnant . You can see out of hundred guys one guy can get pregnant . It just depends on the people how they see and treat these special people.  Yes special why because god choose them to give birth out of soo many people .

But why jin ? Being trapped in a loveless marriage and now getting pregnant . It's not like jin is not happy . He always thought how lucky those men are who can get pregnant . He always wanted to feel those little kicks , those craving . He prayed to god that make him one of those lucky people who can get pregnant . Ofcourse that was all before marriage when jin and him was dating ..

Him , yes Kim taehyung , one of the youngest guy to become the ceo after his father's death.  Kim taehyung not only being famous for being the youngest ceo of such a successful company taehyung Enterprises but being on number one position on most handsome faces of the world for 2 years . Well it will 3 if he maintains his position this year too .

Not the taehyung's company was not famous before , his father worked hard from the scratch to make this company one of the most successful company out there and he named it after taehyung , his one and only son . But since taehyung joined , the company was all over headlines . Ofcourse beauty matters . And that beauty , handsomeness is Kim taehyung himself .

If taehyung is the dark beauty than Kim Seokjin is the beauty sent from havens itself . If taehyung is the devil than Seokjin is the angel without wings . People gasp seeing taehyung but they become speechless seeing Kim Seokjin . They both are the opposite pools of a rod .

Ofcourse the news was all over the media when taehyung got married . They only knew the name of the guy which was Kim Seokjin but never saw how did he looked like . Only the rumors were heard that kind taehyung's husband is a true beauty which he really is .

Taehyung never spoke about his mom as for Seokjin he doesn't know if he has a dad or not . Mother well he does have a mother who is in coma . Reason Seokjin is still finding . He still remember those blurred images of him and his happy family but those are just images he barely remember . Sometimes he does have nightmares about his mom crying while holding a man's hand and than fainting .

Seokjin still remember being the happiest person when he was dating taehyung . It was the best two years of his life . And taehyung never crossed his line , never touched Seokjin because jin was not ready . And as promised they both got married after two years of dating . Jin still remembers losing his virginity to his husband on their wedding night . How gentle taehyung was with him , how he whispered sweet nothings against jin's ears .

Jin was so happy giving his first time to the love of his life . But it was all just the end of his happiness and the start of his cruel life . Taehyung the next day went to work without saying a word , not even bothering to help the limping Seokjin . First Seokjin thought it was just he was in hurry or had some important meeting .

But it was just his imagination , taehyung started to ignore him , when jin tired to initiate conversation with taehyung , he would just give jin silent treatment . One day when jin had enough , he had made his decision to talk with taehyung and this time taehyung would not  be going anywhere without answering him .

Jin waited for taehyung to come back from work and he did . But he could hear clicking of heels along with taehyung's boats . And the sight made Seokjin heart sank . There was taehyung holding a really pretty woman from her waist , his smile was flirty and when he was Seokjin looking at them his smile turned into a smirk .

Jin didn't wanted to think something else . This woman might be taehyung's secretary and they came here due to some business.  He gulped , he wanted to say something but his throat was dry . He took a deep breath and finally got the courage to talk .

"Taehyung I want to talk with you and it's important ." Jin said mentally patting himself that he didn't stutter . Taehyung looked at jin and nodded . That was easy jin thought . The pretty lady whose name was yet to find out looked at taehyung seductively , bitting her lips making Seokjin almost hit her for seducing his husband in front of him .

"Baby is he the guy you were forced to marry and you don't even love him right?" The unknown girl said as he looked at jin in disgust . Making jin feel like he was the one making some mistake . Ofcourse taehyung didn't anything and just motioned the girl to go his bedroom . Yes his bed , after their first wedding night jin and taehyung are not sleeping together. 

The girl made her way towards taehyung's room swaying her hips in the process making jin angry . Taehyung looked at jin and motioned him to start talking . Jin took a deep breath .

"Taehyung what happened ? Why are you ignoring me ? Did I do something to make you angry ? If I did please tell me but don't ignore me ." Jin said , his voice barely audible. 

"Oh baby , you didn't do anything . It's just I got tired of playing love love with you . I mean I can't anymore . It's been 2 years already . You know I always got sick and disgusted being all lovey dovey with you when I am not even gay . Having sex with you made me sick . I had to scrub my body with rocks to remove your disgusting touch from my body . And before you ask me why I did that . Well it was all revenge . You will find about it sooner or later." Taehyung said his face blank as if he didn't have any soul inside him . And yes

"That's why when we got married people didn't saw you face because I didn't wanted people to see your fucking face . And when Kim taehyung will get married with the love of his love all the world will know who she is . And I have to go , my baby is waiting for me you know ." Taehyung finished as he made his way towards his room .

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Not long after moans and skin slapping could be heard from taehyung room and jin didn't know how long he cried and when he passed out . It was all 2 months ago . Everyday taehyung bought a new person and sometimes he won't even close the door of his room . And it made jin heart hurt like a bitch .

Jin still don't know the reason which made taehyung marry him . And know he is pregnant he doesn't know how will taehyung react to this . Will he be happy or angry or will he regret his decision ?


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