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love life with blood alpha


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"You still have a chance to tell me the truth or there will be no skin left on your flesh".≈ Antigo ----------------------------------------------------------------- He lifted my chin and make me look at his eyes. I gazed at his warm brown eyes which are swirling with ice blue making lucifer's presence known. His eyes held an unusual softness and something else that I can't define "yes, it's true you are not my fated mate. He let out a Humourless laugh and said blood rose is cursed to not have a mate"my eyes welled up with tears as I continue to look at him. But Haven after meeting you I get to know that actually, it's not a curse, "it's actually a blessing in disguise ". Not having a fated mate means I can choose my soulmate myself and I choose you. But I m not a chosen luna. We are not mates. I will always choose you, "Mi Cielo" and for mates He kissed me on lips and start to trailing a line with his lips. Ahh, I felt a sharp pain in my neck. it feels like thousands of volcanoes are erupting in my body and their lawa is going in a certain part of my anatomy. What did you do? Now you are my mate " Mi Cielo" I claim you as my mate in the presence of the moon goddess.