Clock was ticking ... IIT JEE results were expected to be out on 5 PM sharp...it was getting darker outside and premonsoon showers were on their way. Aniket was not feeling right.

There was a sensation that something bad was going to happen . the wait seemed endless, 5 became 6 ..7..8..and 9. Suddenly the door opened and Aniket's father came in. He was a tall and stiff man who was in his late forties .

By seeing Aniket's eyes glued to the monitor and his fingers continuously clicking refresh, he made a guesture that everything will be alright.

Beta atleast have your supper now , it's already late and go to bed....there might be some technical problem with the results... Aniket nodded and shut down his computer and went to the dining room behind his father...

His mom made him his favourite poori with aaloo ki sabzi . He was feeling alive after many days...there was some kind of energy flowing through his body ..at last he was going to spend the rest of his life out of that jail which people call for no reason , A HOME!? ..Then his father's mobile rang..and guess what ! the results were out..Aniket had sudden rush of adrenaline into his veins..

He was going to his room but his father interrupted him by saying first finish your dinner... The next few minutes were like hell.. he had his heart in his mouth. somehow he managed to complete his food which was too good a few minutes ago but tasteless now..

He logged on with his registration number... Now he was just a click away from knowing his future.. did Aniket make it to the IIT .. or he just perished to the stress like 90 percent of the other students..?! read along to know...

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