What would you do if you find yourself face to face with a spirit? Would you just believe it and follow it to a place she says is the future? Or just continue living your life because the person she claims to be, is alive and safe right now? How would it sound to meet your best friend's brother who wasn't there for such a long time? Or unveil secrets from your dark past or the future in this case? What would you do if the lives of you and your loved ones is at stake?

Megan Stewart a girl who loves ghosts, spirits and paranormal things basically anything out of the ordinary, who wants something exciting in her otherwise boring life. (Or so she thought) Won't she obviously choose something that pique's her interest. So she just blindly trusts the mysterious soul and follows her into the future along with her best friends who help her unveil the mystery behind that spirit and what actually happened... something they wish they didn't know...


Hey guys,

I'm sorry for actually publishing the character sketch before the prologue but I hope that you guys anyway keep on loving and supporting this book!!! :D . And I know that the prologue is too short 😒 but nevertheless I'll try to make the chapter longer 😊