Emily Thomson: Emily Thomson, a girl with great looks and smartness. Beauty with Brains you may say. She is a walking encyclopaedia and the most mature of them all. She is great at giving advises and you would really want to go to her when you have a problem. But She is a daredevil!!! She is not afraid of trying anything new she too like Stella loves her friends and talking to them is her hobby. Guys love her for her personality, because she is fun to talk to and is admired by many for her smartness. She is really sweet and is always the one to make friends, friends again after a fight. She has a soft spot for a certain someone but is really nervous on talking with him as she fears rejection. Nevertheless she always tries to suppress her feelings. She is nice enough to accept her own mistakes... but sometimes this personality of hers can get her in huge trouble.

Noah Telles: Noah is a quiet guy of the group, he doesn't talk much and is always the one to be left alone during lunch breaks and is the one to be chosen last in games and competitions. He is not good at sports unlike any other student, and loves being alone and doesn't want to be interrupted. Although he really doesn't mind hanging out with Megan and the others. He is a true gentlemen. There is a person who captured the heart of this chocolate boy but he is just too shy to admit it. He talks only at times when the topic is of his interest and that's pretty creepy because he comes out of nowhere, LITERALLY. There was a time when the lights had gone out during the night camp in school ,Noah popped out of nowhere just to inform them about the power disruption scaring the hell out of some poor girls... since then everyone is scared of him. MOSTLY!

Emma Adler: Emma Adler is the bad-ass and makes any guy fall for her just by smiling at them. Guys love talking to her but get scared at the same time so as not to embarrass themselves in front of a goddess of the High School. She is very popular and has two different sides of herself. She is a totally different person in front of her school mates and teachers and has a totally different side of herself with her friends. Her duality is so shocking that if you see these two sides of her you wouldn't even know if it's the same person. Towards her friends she is the cutest and the most supportive person ever, but towards other people she is a bad girl.

Liam Cash: He is the guy who is on the headmistress' hit list. He is so mischievous and clever that even the smartest person alive on earth won't be able to figure out what and how did Liam do what he did. People are very happy to have a person like him around because he is just the best at confusing people. You wouldn't want to mess with him because he'll beat you at your own game and you wouldn't even know how that happened. He gets into fight a lot but never supports violence and always ends up winning. He has that bad boy vibe around him which the girls like and don't like at the same time. He isn't a fan of the books either and nearly passes all the exams. But that can also be related to his grandfather being the founder of the school. But when with his friends he is a total sweetheart. He is very possessive over things he cares about.

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