Megan Stewart: a bubbly girl who craves for something interesting in her life. She is a pretty negative girl, unlike others who love everything bright like fairies and princesses, she likes ghosts and demons. Yes,She tried her best to be different and unique from everyone else and found herself successful! She is now one of the weirdest girl on earth. Being a bookworm that she is. She loves haunted books and museums, scary and thriller movies,you name it, technically everything dark. But on the outside she a cute, friendly outgoing gal. She is the most beautiful girl in the school and most of the guys crush on her though she is obviously unaware about it. She constantly keeps pulling herself down fearing criticisms from others. If u wanna be friends with her, you've gotta learn how to handle her mood swings a technique mastered by her best friends. She and her soulie Stella when together can be pretty Bad-ass.

Stella Heartfillia: a Logical girl, she loves helping out her friends and loves performing arts. She is an outstanding performer. She also won many singing, dancing and drama competitions in school. She is the heartthrob of her school and is loved by everyone. She is outgoing and loves her friends from within her heart. She has been in the council for 5 consecutive years!!! She is smart, cute, pretty, naughty, basically everything a girl wants to be. She is an inspiration to many and tries her best to reach everyone's expectations. She loves reading and can't waste her time getting bored. If she had an option to be extremely bored or extremely busy...you know what she would've chosen. She knows that Megan likes Leo but never really gave it a thought. Because of this she is a bit sceptical to talk to him. Mason and she are two parallel lines that never meet. And if you mess with her friends then, YOU ARE DEAD MEAT!

Leo Iverson: Megan's first school crush and a very mysterious person, he is the football team captain. Many people want to be friends with him but fail in the process and on top of that, he is the perfect specimen of perfect looks. Which girl wouldn't want to date him?! Well there is one teeny tiny problem, he is cold, very very cold. He doesn't talk much, but when a teacher asks him a question he answers without hesitation. He had a very dark past that no one knows about, that's what differentiates him from any other guy and makes him act this way. He secretly likes someone...but who??? He is never open around people and Arrogance is his middle name. He has hidden his secret even from his one and only best friend, Mason.

Mason Knight: this guy loves his friends as much as he loves himself! You can call him one of the popular guys of the school who is pretty bad at studies. He is really sweet but also gets offended easily and it's sad to see such a sweet guy sad... he gets in trouble a lot but takes everything in a positive way. Whenever Megan needs someone to talk to, you know he'll always be there. A guy like him looks really strong and tough outside but you never know what's inside! He is someone who gets scared of ghosts and the dark!! How cute! Being friends with him is a piece of cake because he makes every single person feel special in their life. And if you aren't friends with him, you are missing a lot. Megan is like a sister to him and loves her to the moon and back. He has a certain dislike towards Stella and those two can never be in the same room for 2 mins and counting...

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