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Hey Dearies,

Thank you for selecting my book!! I'm new to all this story writing thing so if there are some grammatical errors or mistakes, Please do forgive me πŸ™πŸΌ and Please support me till the end!!! This story is not edited. I may take time to update a chapter and the chapters may be small but I'll not abandon my work and I will try to complete it soon!!! Criticism is always welcome. This is purely fictional and a fragment of my imagination. All the images and media are not owned by me, the credit goes to the respective artists. I hope you all like my work and keep up the support in the future. Thank you for reading this patiently and I'll see you soon BYEEE!

I would also like to thank my besties for supporting me and encouraging me to write this story. I really do hope that all my lovely readers will be able to acknowledge the message in the story and help me move on with it. Love you all to infinity and beyond.




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