1 Boyfriend love

A girl named Meera was Married at an early age around 18 and shifted Doha after her marriage she was very passionate about Modelling . But her husband never allowed to this stuff as his thinking that married girl don't do this kind of things what will society think he tortured and taunt her as parents send her empty hand in her In-laws house . He beat up and told she should have learn something from her mother how to cook food so that he doesn't have to order food from outside as he invited his friends for family dinner and told her not to come out . One day she locked herself in Bathroom and her husband knocked from outside to open the door as he beaten up his wife very badly . And she secreatly leave for India in her house but his husband warns that dont return back here once you return your home taunted with several things that she is useless , worthless and never deserving girl .

Her father motivated that don't tolerate any wrong things who is my brave girl then she started pursuing her studies for Cabin crew in Civil Aviation with that training he met her new collegue named Amit he was very good looking and a very pleasing personality both of them started falling in love her parents were also regreating that they should have not hurry for her daughter marriage . After a week they were married and started her fresh new life with her new husband.