4 my perfact match

sikha And Riya came to me.Riya asked me what did you both talk about? then sikha said I told you that he is handsome right? did you accept his love? Say kaira .

kaira--Hey let me say something . Both of you are not giving me any chance to speak . Then Riya said,ok, ok, ok well, tell me what do you think about him?.did you accept him ? I said...no , Both of there expressions were like I had done something wrong to them, hey don't be like this I have not done any crime ,I just reject him (they seem very disappointed ) let's go.

We started talking while walking, they said in a lame voice that you can't find a boyfriend like this in this life . than I said it's not that I don't want to find a boyfriend for myself it's just that till now i haven't met anyone To whom i say after seeing that he is the perfect one for me, they start taking interest in what I am saying Riya immediately asked me which type of boy would you like to date . what qualities do u prefer so that we can search u for one. I said - a boy who respects elders And the one who loves the children's., Who take care of others and. And if he make girlfriend than he should stay with her for his life time and support her .

sikha cut my point, and said Oh Kaira, come out from your world of dreams- its reality, not your fantasy world how can you find a guy with these qualities. so I said I don't know but if one day I meet someone like him than I will date him. we reached home. today my brother and sister are not at home: So tonight you two are staying with me n I don't want to listen no. They don't have any other option.

now I have to make something for dinner. And then we will watch the horror movie ,ok guys ? riya just help me in the kitchen. shikha was into her phone at sudden she saw a post on her phone And shouted kaira ,kaira ,kaira , you are selected , o my god I am so happy

kaira - selected? , I was selected , what are you

saying . I don't understand

shikha -You are selected for F.B.F.D (future's best fasion designer compitition )

kaira-- what ? You are telling the truth, right?

shikha - yes ofcourse . kaira you're so lucky , you know if you will win the next round , who can be your model ?

kaira - who ?

shikha - seriously kaira You applied for this contest but you didn't even know who will be your model

kaira - no, I really don't know

shikha - u know he is a famous model and all the media is talking about him n can u guess he is so hot and handsome with brown eyes and soft black hair with cute face, now u tell me what's the name and he is also a singer, I m a big fan of him.

kaira-- from your description I can guess what about advik he has the same quality right that you are talking about.

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sikha -yes, u got it

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