6 kaira is the winner

doctor gave him the prescription . than manager stared at kaira. kaira took the prescription and said -i will go to buy these medicines . she was just out if the door suddenly she felt she missing something , that's her bag she left inside..she went inside to take it but suddenly she heard advik and his manager avinash are talking about something

avinash said - that you should start your acting career , you will be a good actor. than advik get down to the bed and said - yes you are right. but if I start acting then what will happen to the other actors. (kaira was shocked .)

advik - hey but that girl is really dumb right , actually I am the one who bumped into her but she took the blame herself. how stupid she is.

now Kaira was very angry . she opened the door and went inside, she give a slap on advik's face and said - What do you think of yourself .Who gave you the right to do this to someone.

avinash- hey are you out of your mind , do know who is he .

kaira - you just shut up, you are also a part of it .

do you know how important is this compitition for me . I worked hard for this my whole day and night:(she is about to cry but she control herself) I thought that you were hurt because of me so I didn't care about my compitition and I left it because of you,and came here to help you but who thinks that you were just playing around ( Kaira's eyes start tearing up ) . if you don't want to go there then why you came all your way and please don't play with someone, if someone is good person it doesn't mean she is stupid or idiot.. the thing is they have a good heart and that's really they care about

but why am I telling you these things. you are just insane .she picked up her bag and left from there.

(advik couldn't say anything to her. he was really angry that time )

avinash - are you alright advik ? why didn't you say anything to her . That girl shouted at you and said bullshit and you stood in peace why is this so?

advik - shut up

avinash - why everyone want me to shut up.

advik's expression was like he is going to take revenge on her.

advik - let's go

avinash - where

advik - F.B.F.D venue

avinash- but you don't want to go there

advik - now I want...

avinash- wait for me .

kaira is already at venue, now she want to stop thinking about advik . and want to focus on her design . all the designers was on the stage with their designed dresses . now judges is going to give them marks according to their designed dresses .

after an hour's of discussion the results is going to be announced soon, everyone is eagerly waiting for the moment

anchor - dear students as you all know that this compitition is organised by the royal group of companies in this college to give a chance to these students to make their career .

and give them a opportunity to work with their company . and also I know that many female designers are participating in this compitition just because of one person . do you know who is he??

Then there is a loud noise from the crowd, advik advik , advik

anchor - smiled , as I expected . Yes advik .

he will be the model of today's winner for the next 3 years and the winner is also going to sign a contract with the royal group of companies, so all the best. contestants.

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now I am going to announce the name of

the winner... (at the time all contestants are eagerly waiting to hear their name as the winner)

the winner is....ms.kaira .

kaira was in shocked, it was a surprised moment as her hard work worth it she was really happy that she forgot about the morning incident with advik .

She went on the stage, everyone is giving a round of plause to her

anchor - congratulations kaira .

kaira - thank you

anchor - now I want to request to mr. advik please come on the stage and give this award to miss kaira..

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