1 Unnamed

Love is a painful pleasure.

A girl with beautiful eyes and lot of attitude which could attract all of the young men. likewise she was attracted by a young man with a egoistic character. They both started to talk each other through social media, alternative days became morning and night. slowly they end up with a meet.The girl fell at first sight of seeing him, but she never said that to him. Their friendship was awesome between these egoistic and attitudes. she don't know how to convey her love for him. They came through lot of grudge between them. That handsome young man would be always busy with his work, friends, games, neatly in words he was enjoying his life. she was quite busy with her studies and her hushed love.! The young lady decided to control the boy thinking that "If I propose him, I could have his time" .so she decided to propose him but it wasn't love. As like she wished he agreed with her proposal and they were committed to be in a romantic relationship. Days passed they both started to feel into the both. Had everything usually like others but doesn't have courage to intro their parents.

They both went through lot of kisses and hugs and love. Days rolled over then finally met with the marriage, buying gifts with each of their partners filled with eyes full of tears.

second part to be continued soon.

- By harithanu