1 School

Two students -a male(Mike)and a female(Jenny) student,standing side by side in front of a teacher.They were called to tell that they were selected for the post of school head boy and head girl(respectively).

But Jenny refused to take that responsibility because she was instructed by her parents for not taking any kind of responsilities from school which would affect her studies directly or indirectly.....later on Mike who was standing beside her and was listening to her excuse for not taking the title ,also refused to take the title of school head boy ,without any reason.

When they were moving upstairs towards their classroom,she saw his eyes,which seem quiet filled in anger,she was a bit confused because she refused with a reason and also because she thought that she might not be qualified or fit for the post as she was an average scoring girl,but why did he refuse to take that title ,since he was a perfect boy for that post ~topper of the class,good in sports,good in behaviour everything was perfect in him,and he was suitable for the post ,though he refused.

(For Jenny ,Mike is her one sided love.)

For once she thought that did he also love her,like other teenage girls she was in her fantasies and was very happy imagining that,then she knocked her head and said to herself,"stupid me,why will he choose me as his lover" and with this thought she sank into her sadness and went into the classroom and continued studying.

Later, when that class ended,the next class was of sports,so she went to play her favourite sport~table tennis with one of her friend.It was a famous sport among her classmates,so there were so many other students too, other than her.

There were two groups - boys group and girls group and they were playing in rotation so that everyone could get a chance to play.

Luckily,Jenny got a chance to play with Mike.Jenny was toooo happy but she could not express it because there were too many people around her .She was quiet nervous at the starting of the match and at the end of the match Jenny lost the match with 9-11.Though she was happy because she got a chance to play with Mike,for the first time,because this was what she had been waiting since two weeks.

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