Love in a million Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Love in a million


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Diana was never loved as a child. By her parents or any one. Only their maid Miranda lives her. They thought of her as misfortune. She had a horrible child hood. She had to get used to hit. Then she met this boy named Andre at the park when she was a little girl. They grew closer and became good friends. Then she was forced to move into a foster home and never got to see him again. Until she turned 29 and celebrated her party at this club and saw him again. They both started to get to know each other after that. But they don’t remember each other from the past. Until later in their relationship they found out they where both looking for each other. When they were separated 18 years ago. Now they are happily in love. Living their life which Diana suppository misfortune. Her family was just cured with bad luck.


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