1 I wanted to say no

It was a sunny day but not for miss ning fui. she was in a great dilemma.....she was confuse between her fiance and her love if she chose her love she will lose her family 4her lifetime but if she chose her fiance she dont know if she will live her life happily because actually she even dont know who is her fiance ...but the only thing she know is that her parents had sold her..but she also know that her parents didn't have any choice as she had been told that her husband is a monster and also that he is a fucking old person and he is known as the beast CEO in the business line...all she can do now is to meet her fiance and tell him that how much she love feng xui (her love)but she was scared because the day this deal was made her parents try to offer her 1st daughter to him ning li ..

she was beautiful as hell one can even consider her as a goddess but that guy only wanted ning fui he warned them that if he didn't get to marry her ..he will destroy their whole company...so even though she wanted to say no ..she didn't denied the deal for the sake of their company and her family