1 Chapter1

Truly lovingly someone means even we cannot be part of their life, we have to think about their happiness.

Rithwik POV:

I could see the happiness on everyone's face in the family. I know what will happen if I was going to marry Ishita when I have no feelings for her. I just accepted to marry her for my mom's happiness. Even I sacrifice myself if she asks.

I know what I was doing is wrong but I had no other option.

I stood in front of the mirror looking at my image mirror. I was looking handsome in bridegroom attire but there was no happiness in my eyes.

"Rith, are you ready?" mom asked knocking on my bedroom door.

"Yes, maa I am coming.." I replied without any excitement.

"You are looking like a prince. Isn't he-man( Varanasi)?" may peck my forehead.

"Yeah, mom. Exactly my bro is not less any hero in the film" manu smiled looking at me.

I gave fake smile to their words.

Aarushi POV

" Welcome madam" the air hostess greeted me.

I checked my seat number and sat on the passenger seat.

I completed my specialization in Australia. I always dream that my studies should be useful to my country. As my mother, Smt.Devayani is a gynecologist, I wanted to start my hospital in India. I already planned to settle in India for my mother and my ambition.

After three months I was going to meet my childhood bestie, Manasi. From childhood, we have no secrets. Even if we wanted to hide, it wasn't possible for us.

Nearly after 9 hours journey I reached Bangalore airport. My mom was waiting for me.

" I miss you dearly " she hugged me.

" I too missed you maa" I hugged her back.

" You became thin Aru…" she whined.

"Nothing like that maa.." I smiled at her.


Finally, we reached our house after 3 hours due to traffic in Bangalore. I went to my room as I had to get ready for maanasi's brother's marriage. I completed my work and went to meet my mom. By the time, she was getting ready for the hospital.

"Are you not coming for marriage?" I asked her.

"No dear, I have an emergency case in the hospital. Sorry dear" she left.

I could understand her as I am in the same profession. I looked in the direction where my mom left.

"Madam, take coffee" Lakshmi ma (servant) offered a cup of coffee.

Lakshmi ma was working as a caretaker and cook from my childhood. Her husband used to work as my father's car driver. My dad and her husband were died in the same accident from then she used to stay with us in our home.

" your face is so pale. Are you not feeling well?" She asked with concern

"Nothing like that. Just tired with the journey" I replied with a smile.

I spent some time with Lakshmi ma and went to my room to get ready for the marriage ceremony.

*****Two hours later******

I reached the venue where marriage was going to happen.

The place was fully decorated with beautiful flowers and different lightings. The media people were busy taking photos and taking interviews of business people who came to attend the marriage. On one side of the venue, cultural programs were organized for guests' entertainment. On the other side of the venue, food counters and snacks stalls were there.

As it was the marriage of the CEO of Varma groups, there were so many business people who were invited as guests in the ceremony. I examined hoarding with names, Rithwik Weds Ishita, and walked towards the podium.

"Hey, are…is this a time to come?" Manasi asked seriously.

" I am sorry yaar, I was stuck in a traffic jam" I hold my ears.

" Okay mam, I excused " she dragged me towards the married couple.

" Hey Anna, see who came to attend your marriage from Australia" Varanasi called Rith(Rithwik)

Manasi introduced her sister-in-law, Ishita

She was looking gorgeous in the bridal attire.

" She is my bestie friend, aarushi. She is a doctor" manages introduced me.

" Hey, I am ishita. I am a fashion designer" she introduced herself.

" Nice to meet you. Happy married life" I wished her.

Rithwik was staring at me while I was talking with ishita. I looked in his direction, our eyes locked at once.

Immediately he rolled his eyes in another direction.

I don't know what he was in his mind. I tried to read his feelings, but he is always a mystery to me.

"Happy married life. I wish all happiness blossom in your life" I wished him with a smile.

I don't want to show my pain. The main reason I was here to attend the ceremony was to accept the fact that he belongs to someone now. I have no right to think about him.

If I could stay more than one minute, I couldn't control my tears as my eyes become moist.

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