1 Introduction and Red/(Y/N)'s BIO

Introduction :

Red/(Y/N) is an inkling, obviously... he just moved to inkopolis recently and tries to make new friends along his journey in life, but this journey will be more than that, he will be meeting the four famous idols in inkopolis which he doesn't know or who they were actually and also will be meeting the two other agents and maybe other new people. So let's see how his life will go.

Facts: Red/(Y/N) doesn't only likes music, he loves music, to the point where he decides to become an Artist himself, but failed for an unknown reason from his early past.

He also mentioned in CHP 17 : The B O O K that he once had a girlfriend back when he was just living in Calinkfornia but her name is still unknown.

Why is it Red/(Y/N) and not Red or Y/N?

Well, Red is my "OC" and Y/N is of course you're "OC" and I decided to include them both during dialogues... and what's separate them is the "/" sign to make it look cleaner because... why use "or" if you can use "/" instead!?

Note: The story you are about to read has some inappropriate language but no inappropriate content, reader discretion is advised. And the BIO might change or update throughout the book.

For all them boomers out there :

Your Name = (Y/N)

Last Name = (L/N)

Favorite Color = (F/C)

Favorite Catch Phrase = (F/CP)

Favorite Weapon = (F/W)

Favorite Snacks = (F/F)

Chapter = CHP


Bio :

Name: Red/(Y/N)

Full Name : Red/(Y/N) Travis/(L/N)

Age: 18 Years Old

Hair Color: Red/(F/C)

Favorite Color: Red&Black/(F/C)

Catch Phrase : YEET!!!&ESSKEETIT!!!/(F/CP)

Favorite Weapon: Splattershot/(F/W)/


Favorite Food: Good tasting foods, Desserts, Snacks/(F/F)

Occupation: Retired Artist, Agent 4 of the New Squidbeak Splatoon.

Likes: Winning, Eating, Memes, FREE STUFF, CHOCOLATE MILK, Music, and playing video games.

Hates: Losing, ads, Karens, spiders, Simps, Being Called as a Simp, Racism, Racist People, cancerous memes, and Losing His Virginity.

Personality: Friendly, Silly, Supportive, sometimes Serious, Crazy, Aggressive, Sensitive and Very Annoying, and also he's got's to be dense?...bruh...

Goals: Stay as a virgin, Escaping his unforgotten past.

Fears: Heights, Lemons/Lemonade, True Darkness, Sometimes Death, Karens, Sh*tty Memes, and Potential Threat to his Virginity.

Red/(Y/N)'s best quote:

"Virginity is Cool. Remain Pure!"

From CHP 10 : In a Bad Mood?

Note: This story fully inspired by the works of the one and only DForrester so any similar dialogue is always credited to him, make sure to check out his beautiful works.

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July 6, 2020


September 19, 2020