Love For One Color | A Splatoon Harem Book

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Love For One Color | A Splatoon Harem


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Red/(Y/N) is an inkling, obviously... he just moved to inkopolis recently and tries to make new friends along his journey in life, but this journey will be more than that he will be meeting the four famous idols in inkopolis which he doesn't know or who they were actually and also will be meeting the two other agents and maybe other new people. So let's see how his life will go. Also, all characters in the splatoon universe are owned by NINTENDO, I do not own any of the characters. And don't forget every fan art shown throughout the book is not owned by me. So enjoy!!! So any grammar mistakes please do tell me so I can fix it, thx! Note: This story fully inspired by the works of the one and only DFORRESTER so any similar dialogue or action has been made on the book is always credits to him, make sure to check out his works. And by the way, I haven't played the Splatoon franchise... but it ain't gonna stop me from making this book!!! Side Note: Everything you see in the book is only made by my mobile phone so if you see any editing made on the book like the intros they are all 100% made on Android and editing takes time you know... So I hope you guys enjoy this...