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Read LOVE FLAMES:A BEAUTIFUL CEO AND HER SECRETARY novel written by the author Meera_Krishna on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering romance. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


An extraordinary handsome woman named Riya,"born with golden spoon",becomes a CEO of Conglamerate at the age of 23. Eventhough she just graduated from her post graduation in Management, she is a multi-talented person.Due to her beauty and intelligence she always an outstanding person with a positive aura. Unfortunately she is not happy to become a CEO because of her sister.Her sister named Diya is older than her by two years also had a post graduation in Management studies.Both have their own capabilities,but Diya always don't like Riya due her easy going,positive approach to the people around her. Riya always looks like a beautiful princess with perfect figure,her lips naturally like a rose petals,there is no need to put lipsticks,her eyes always seems to be black pearl,with small nose,her appearance totally make others to forget their current situation.She is always an honest,straightforward,fun loving,pretty woman Diya is like a Lotus flower,who always dazzled in her own ways, self respecting,willing to grab power,attention seeking, little arrogance and stubborn. Because of their family background both women have not many friends.Comparing to Riya,Diya have more friends.Diya casually spends her father's money as like water so her friend circle usually based on money. On the contrary Riya has only three to four friends who are always willing to do anything for Riya at anytime. Her friends never,ever betray her. Both of their lives sailing smooth until the day Riya became a CEO,they have competed with each other in different aspects and variety of tests conducted by the shareholders and their respective family.Finally Riya pass all the test and successfully became a CEO. Unfortunately Diya have all the abilities and potential she was defeated by Riya with few points difference only.This made Diya to hate Riya even more. "On the day of Riya going to take charge as a CEO", Diya happens to met with a small accident by roadside.Her saviour is a handsome guy who look like a Little Prince with extraordinary charm. On the first sight of their eyes meeting Diya subconsciously fell in love with him and suddenly faint. He admitted Diya in hospital,eventhough this is not an emergency situation he have to fill the admission form for Diya.But he doesn't know any details about Diya.He simply fill the details of one of his friend and admitted Diya in to the hospital for first aid and further treatment. Also informed the police regarding the accident. Once Police reached the hospital they find a young handsome man with "Six feet,two inches" of height who is turn and stand by showing back to the Police.The police officer is a lady,middle-aged woman asks the details of accident case and reached the handsome man named "BARANEE". Once Baranee turn his face and saw the lady police,she was simply dumbfounded by seeing his beautiful face with shining eyes like shooting stars,and cutie lips,lovely cheeks not chubby but cute.She exclaimed to see Baranee for a second and finally come to her senses. She collected all the details of the accident and also he doesn't know anything about the girl,he simply helped her.The lady police praised his good gesture and also not fail to inform him that,she was stunned by his handsome face. Later on that day,Riya already take charged as a CEO is waiting for her secretary but he not yet come to office.Because of this reason she is little angry. At this moment a door knock sound heard by Riya she said 'Come in'. As soon as Baranee entered the Riya's Cabin,he was dumbfounded by Riya's beauty but not show anything on his face.At that time Riya lift his head and see Baranee,her heartbeat started beating higher than normal.Though she is a CEO,she was stunned by his charm and beauty. Both of their eyes met in air,the whole cabin filled with pin drop silence,they can easily hear each others heartbeat.Both Riya and Diya "fall in love at first sight" with Baranee. Let us see who get Baranee's love...


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