2 I am Jessica and this is Crush


Have you ever thought to record your voice and tell your sleeping biographies? Me? I'm just trying. I don't even know if it will be popular with the audience. My voice is not beautiful, but I can say that my voice is better than my brother, who is already sharply tuned when singing. I just put up with him once.

I wish...

I wish I could hug (hug...)

"And thy hand is my always holding… (Always having)

And not her...(Not her)

Every time we sing, I am just a second voice—a back-up singer. I just smile every time he gets a high score on the videoke machine.

But that is not what I will tell you. My brother or his singing has nothing to do with why I recorded my voice today.

A moment of silence.

I am Jessica Sandoval. A.K.A Jess, to my close friends and Jessie when to my super friends. The third-year high school in a public school and I am proud of that. I am obedient to my teachers. I am not one of their favourite pet, I just do not know how to refuse orders. I figured I was deliberately helpful and of course, special awards or incentives were wasted. That's a teacher, isn't it?

I also pick up teasing and trip about my feelings, who do I like and my love life. The endless conversation about love and be loved. Everywhere I go, I just turn to a guy, my classmate will tell me that I have a crush on him. Even if I laugh, for my classmates, I immediately like that person. When I just smile at a man, I love you right away. It is said that showing your sweet smile to other people is a sign.

I admit. In the depths of my heart, I could not help but beat my heart to someone. I can easily find a crush or inspiration. Then when sir Cris's appearance took over my brain, I wanted him. And when I still can't get him out of my mind, I love him.

That's love what is for. I could help it.

If I explain the meaning of the crush, I can say only one thing: this one person you admit so much- in thought, word and deed.

"Don't tell me you are in love with our teacher". Jackie said to me in English.

I promptly replied. "I only have a crush to sir Cris. That's all."

Every time he coaches basketball, even though I know nothing about that game, I feel his talent. He coaches boys basketball at our school and believes me, our gymnasium is full every time the boys' practice. Other students are not the only ones looking at sir, Chris. There are also handsome varsity players. The others just hang out, they can only do something during break time. To my surprise, the number of women during their practice game is dominant.

For me, as long as I'm with sir Chris, my eyes are always focused. 24 hours.

"Always focus on your play." Sir Chris shouted at his team.

"Pass the ball, Mister Balboa! Pass it!" Sir Chris shouted again.

Suddenly a player touched the ball and landed off the court. Sir Cris asked for time out for a moment. You can see on his face how serious he is in his coaching. He provided many playing techniques to his players. You will really admire him and most of all you will fall in love too. Sir Cris looked at his clock and came out of the court for a moment. When I saw him, I was just like a bubble that suddenly disappeared next to Jackie to followed sir Cris.

"Sir Chris, I just have a question for you."

Sir Chris suddenly stopped walking.

"What was it?" He said.

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"I will just ask you sir if we can interview you for our Physical Education project?"

"Sure. When?" He Smiles at me once.

"I hope tomorrow, sir. If you are free."

I wish I could smile and jump for joy. I also slow down my speech so that I can spend more time with him.

"Okay, then. 5 P.M. After the practice. Is that okay?" He said, and left at once.

As sir walks away, I can't really take my eyes off him. Sir's height, is about 6 feet, I guess.

If he wasn't just a teacher, I wouldn't have been staring at him every minute.

There is nothing wrong with admiring sir, in not so romantic ways.

Oops! Jackie might find me now!

5 P.M, tomorrow?

I just tell my group mates that I will take care of the interview so that there is no disturbance. If only I could do it all for fun.

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