4 Funny feelings


"Zack what do you want for your lunch?" Asked Abigail.

She keeps asking me about the things I want. I reply with a smile.

"Just wait me here. I go buy your food." She stood up and went out to our classroom.

I do not know that woman why always spoke English to me. I understand Tagalog.

Every time we had our break, that woman always stick to me. It was apparent to her that she was head over heels dead on me. She did not want to stay away from me. Even though I was pushing her away. I will admit that she is beautiful, but arrogant. She keeps dragging her new shoes, a new outfit, her closeness to me, and you need to level her up if you want her to be your friend.

That kind of woman is just annoying, but I also can't push away from me. I don't want to go out chasing a classmate. And most of all he helped me when I first came here to this school. My classmates avoid me because they think I can't speak Tagalog. Four months ago, when our adviser introduced me to my classmates. Abigail suddenly volunteered to tour me at the entire campus. Everyone shouted. They felt any romantic excitement, and for me, I just smiled.

While the whole class was making fun of our love team, I suddenly turned my gaze to the window, and I saw a girl looking blankly outside the window. Instantly, her eyes met mine. I was all of a sudden surprised, and my heart skips so fast. I couldn't breathe because of that.

Simple yet she captivated me.

"Mr. Atienza, there has an extra seat behind Ms. Sandoval, sit there." my teacher said.

I straight away walked towards the back. I passed to that girl and at once stopped to introduce myself to him.

"Hi! I'm Zack Atienza, what's yours?"

She just looked at me when I asked her name. However, Abigail suddenly obstruct.

"She's Jessica. She has her own world sometimes. Sometimes she speaks alone." Abigail said.

I laughed at what Abigail said. Then I saw him as if angry with my expression.

"Sorry miss. I didn't mean anything."

She stood up in her seat and slapped me so hard. That is the first time a woman hits my face so hard.

"Ma'am! I don't want him. He looks suspicious. He might distracted me.." Jessica said.

Cricket? What's that? I asked Abigail about that.

"It means cricket. But for her noisy person." Abigail replied. I smile and put my bag on my desk.

She could no longer complain because she did not want to be transferred to another seat by our adviser.

"Let's be friends," I told her. Funny girl, but I like her right away. I want to meet someone like her.

It was fun going back that day. This day he still does not notice someone like me. My hits on her seem to just penetrate the air.

Last Monday, I brought my guitar, and I played my favorite song to her.

I take one step away…

And I find myself coming back…

To you…

My one and only…

One and only you...

Suddenly his friend interrupted because they always praise me. I did not finish the whole song.

She suddenly left earlier, so I did not invite her to have lunch with me later.

I stood up in my seat to see the surroundings outside the window.

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I did not expect to see something outside- Jessica is talking to the men's basketball coach- sir Chris.

Suddenly my chest tightened. I grasped my hand so hard.

She seems so happy. Don't tell me she likes coach Chris.

Suddenly she left with a smile on her face.

Sir Chris smiled too.

Are they…

Does sir like him?

What are they talking about?

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