14 5 P.M


Lots of school work to take care of. Many concerns need to be resolved. This is the life of a Teacher. The practice of the team I handle added even more. It's tough to put a break in the busy schedule I have now. Despite that, I really enjoy what I am doing.

As I walked, the students I met greeted me. Others ask about their upcoming project in P.E. I teach fourth-year students. Some welcome me even though I am not a student. They may know me because I am the school basketball team coach and sometimes I become a referee during the school sports festival.

While walking, it was as if I saw the girl who was going to interview me. What is her name again? What high school level does she belong to? Never mind, I'll find out later when we meet again.

Wait, what time again?

5 P.M?

That's right. I know we will meet at 5 P.M at the gym.

I just kept walking until I got to the classroom I was going to teach. I just kept walking until I got to the class I was going to teach. When I finished, I went to the next lesson. My class continued, but I had a one hour break, somehow.

When I finished all my classes, I went to the faculty room to complete some paperwork that I needed to check. I actually finished all my paper works at school so that there would be no problems.

An elementary school teacher asked for help to practice the elementary basketball team, and he canceled it because they have a faculty meeting all of a sudden. Therefore, I write a new lesson-plan that I will use next week. I only have a problem with high school practice. Hopefully, something will change in the practice game that we will do later.

When I finished writing my lesson-plan, I immediately went to the gym to see my team. I was shocked that my team was ahead of me. I saw my squad jogging and do some warming up exercises too. I can see that they really want to make up for their last game in what they are doing now.

Suddenly the captain saw me and approached me.

"Sir, can I order them to start footwork?" he asked me.

I'm glad because the captain of men's basketball is also becoming independent. Somehow I see improvement in him.

I agreed, and their foot works out started. I smiled at what I witnessed. Their foot works out is okay than before. After the foot works out, they started training to pass the ball. Better than ever. Assistance coaches have also arrived at the gym. I hope the energy they show us will continue until I find a school for a friendly match for them.

"work out the way you pass the ball," I shouted at them.

They put all their effort into practice today.

"The dribble, work it. Do not lose concentration," I added.

When it was over, I asked the assistant coach how their breathing resistance was. It's okay than before. I'm delighted to hear it.

I divided the team into two groups to play a friendly match, a blue team, and a red team.

I watched them while playing basketball. The team's pace was okay. It's not like yesterday that I shouted and was annoyed with the game the team was showing. The ball passes well. The shooting was also good. I sat on one side, and I was surprised and saw the girl interviewing me. I looked at my watch. There is still no 5 P.M for the interview. I got up from my seat and went to her.

"Shall we start with your interview?" I asked her. She was suddenly surprised when she saw me. She did not know if she would speak or not in front of me. Suddenly she was gripped tightly by the notebook she was carrying.

Her words pause awkwardly.

"I… h..o…p..e… I'm not dis…turbing you, sir." She says.

I smiled when I saw his face was red. Is she hesitant to talk with me?

I invited her to watch a practice game first. After all, the interview will be started soon. However, she refused, and she said that she will wait in the canteen.

"I insist," I told her.

I made her sit close to me and watched the men's basketball game.

She sited correctly and sit afar from me. She was obviously embarrassed about sitting next to me.

While watching, I asked her if she loved basketball. He suddenly looked at me and said just a little.

"Because I'm scared of the ball, and my knee is weak in that game." She says.

"So what sport are you playing today?" I added.

"Tennis." Laugh at the same time.

"That's great." I praise the child.

She suddenly laughed and said she was just playing tennis on the Wii console. I also laughed when I heard that. She has a great sense of humor.

I remembered that I did not know her name yet, so I asked her that.

"My name is Jessica, sir." She said.

What a lovely name.

We just kept talking. I asked her a question about the things she loved to do.

"So besides Wii tennis, what else do you play?"

"Mario kart, sir," Jessica answered.

"I also have a PlayStation, and I like to play Tekken." She added.

When I heard Tekken, I couldn't help but say that I was also playing then.

"Really, sir? Who is your favorite character?"

"King. The one that looks like a lion or a tiger."

Jessica suddenly smiled.

"That is also my favorite character."

What a coincidence. She is a girl, but she likes to play that kind of game. Not bad. At least I can keep up with our story.

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"Do you play NBA game too, sir? I knew you have that kind of game since you are a coach." She asked.

I just said yes.

"I also have that game, but I often play. I'm not really good at shooting."

"Have you tried playing RPG, sir?"

"Yes, but I prefer sports games."

Jessica laughed and told me that I was a gamer.

"I can only play Playstation if I am not busy," I say.

Jessica and I have an endless story to tell. We have only been able to talk for a while, but I am relieved for this child.

As we continued our story, a ball suddenly went to our place where we are sited. Fortunately, I saw that immediately. To protect Jessica, I grabbed her head and pulled her back slightly closer to me.

"Jessica, are you okay?" I looked at her to see if she had any bruises or wounds. She suddenly stood up and dropped her notebook.

I picked up her notebook and then handed it to her. But all of a sudden, Jessica left her position.

I looked for her but could not find her. Where could she go? I just brought Jessica's notebook and the ball that came to us earlier.

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