Love between snow and wars Book

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Love between snow and wars


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Elena, a young adult from Russia, has been abused constantly by her parents since her youth. They have reached such an extreme that since she was 9 she has needed a kind of experimental prosthesis on each wrist that connects with her knuckles to allow her to move her hands freely. Her "Nana" who takes care of her sadly sees how they damage her both physically and psychologically and decides not to sit idly by, she gets whoever is willing to take care of her outside of her home. So one day she decides to help him escape from her. But something goes wrong at that moment, a small incident that causes her to go the other way than "Erika" (her Nana of hers) had previously indicated, causing her to fall into a kind of hole where she is transported to another place in the weather. Will she be able to return and be happy with her Nana away from those beings she called parents?


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