2 meeting after long time

authors note***

hii..this is my first book n first chapter☺️my English is not that well so I hope u will understand my mistakes in grammer🤞I hope readers u will love my story🤞💜


Y/N POV**☺️

Im Lee y/n..I'm 23 years old normal girl..who is working at coffe shop..I love to make friends, because of this I love to work at cofee shop.☺️I'm big fan of world's best boyband BTS ..I'm an army of BTS for last 7 years from their debut.. I can't get a chance to go to their live concert .. so tommarrow for me so lucky day because im going to live concert of BTS first time in my life..☺️

I'm more happy because I can see Kim taehyung after soo long time.. yes BTS member Kim taehyung is my childhood friend (sry I forget to say this in intro chapter so I saying in this) we are known eachother from childhood..n Tommarow specially he invited me to attend their concert..

I don't know other members in person bt as a BTS army I know them all 7 very well..so tomarrow I'm gonna meet them all in personally by taetae/V (nicknames given by Y/n).I'm more happy because I can meet my bias jimin personally..yes I'm park jimin bias fangirl..I'm so obbessess with his crimsion moon eyes smile☺️☺️


I wake up early in the morning by sound of my alarm clock..it's 8a.m.in morning..I'm so excited for today's concert so can't sleep well at night😉 concert is started at 5 P.M at evening soo I have so much time before going..so I stayed up in bed for some more time scrolling through my phone.. suddenly I started to think about taetae/V. today we r meeting eachother after such a long time like from his debute...because when he debut as an idol he became very busy in his work.. then after some time I move to New York with my parents so we couldn't meet eachother..then after 3 years I moved back to Seoul alone ..n now I'm living alone by myself only..bt we r connected through texts n call everyday..so today he invited me to his concert then we can meet after concert..

today I'm going to attend with my three girl friends from my high school..which is LISA,JENNIE,N ROSE.. we have VIP tickets for concert..after some time I get up from my bed n tie my hairs in messy bun n enter in my bathroom for my morning routine n for took shower..after freshen up myself I get myself downstairs n moved towards kitchen to make some breakfast for me cause I'm living alone..my parents live in New York for bussiness..sometimes rose,Jennie,lisa came to my house..

I make some pancakes n took a glass full of warm milk..I sat on dining table n ate my breakfast while thinking of how will today I react when I see them live .. then for some hour I watch Netflix n it's already 2P.M at afternoon..so I hurriedly get from my couch n freshen up myself again..because it's time to go Rose's House.. from her house we r going to concert.I text rose that I'm leaving for her house..


i reached to door of her house n rang the bell..Jennie open door revealing all three they are already there..I'm happy to see them n hug them one by one..I get in the Rose's appartment n we chill m talk for sometime.. it's time to get ready for concert..we all 4 apply face mask to our faces n leave it for 20 minutes..after this I wear black colour crop top n red flowers printed on that. n paired of ripped black jeans n wearing mini heels cause I don't like high heels...like this lisa Jennie n rose also ready to go..

Jennie:-u looks soo stunning y/n.. she says staring at me n other girl follow her n give me comments on my this new look☺️

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y/n:-thnk you girls.. so your all aslo looks hot n cute 🥰

After sometime we ready to leave for concert.. rose took his car keys from desk n move towards doorway..we left her house..we four soo excited today cause we really meeting them n seeing them all performing in front of us..we r gonna see our biases in front off us Jennie saya screaming in excitement ...I'm double happy because after so long time finally I can meet my childhood friend V..

after we get in the car I texts taetae

Y/N:-- HII TAETAE... I'm already leave for ur concert place ..I'll be there in just 1 hour😉I'm so excited to see you..

TAETAE:--ME TOO Y/N..come soon ☺️




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