1 intro of story cast

hii evryone ..I'm kaveri n my friend savannah writing this lovely love story together🥰this is my first book I'm writing..she gives me soo much support n encourage me to write this ff☺️so I dedicate my first book to my dearest friend savvy( savvylovesbangtan)

Lee Y/N=23 years old.normal BTS fangirl..part time working at XYZ cofee shop..☺️

BTS-world's best boy band group..7 members

1st -KIM NAMJOON(RM)=leader of group.26 years old..like father of group😉

2ND-KIM SEOKJIN(JIN)=27 years old..eldest in group..like mother for members.

3RD-MIN YOONGI(SUGA)=27 years old..2nd eldest in group..lill sleepy head 😉savage king of group🔥

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4th-JUNG HOSEOK(JHOPE)=26 years old..always shining personality..energy booster of group..everyone's hope☺️

5th- PARK JIMIN(JIMIN)=25 years old..evryone love him ..he care for evryone.. loving personality 🥰

6TH- KIM TAEHYUNG(V/TAE TAE)=25years old.. best friend of park jimin..style icon of group..jimin n v having great friendship bond..

7TH- JEON JUNGKOOK(bunny/kookie)=23 years old..youngest of group..golden maknae😍 close friend to jimin.

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