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Love At First Gaze


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The first time was a coincidence. Second time could be called good timing. Third time is destiny. The first time they met, they were both cosplaying at an Anime Convention. Coincidentally, she was Usagi Tsukino, and he happened to be Tuxedo Mask from the anime, Sailor Moon. Their first gaze caught his attention. Her first smile swept his heart away. She walked towards him, and he was ready to take off the mask to talk to her. Unfortunately, it was all a misunderstanding. This was their first time crossing paths, but he facepalmed so hard when he realized he got the wrong idea that he changed his "Hi," into an anime's title, "Hitman Reborn." At that time, he watched her approach another person who acted as Tuxedo Mask behind him. The smile she had on her face wasn't towards him. It was a mistake. Two months later Second time they met was at their graduation. His brother, Lucas, flew back from overseas to attend his graduation in place of his parents. After taking countless pictures with his brother and some with friends, they left campus. Inside his black Mercedes, his brother shoved several well taken photos and showed it to him. Just when he was about to answer his regular plain response, the words swallowed back down his throat. He held his brother's phone and zoomed in to the back where he saw her again! Once again, a facepalm landed on his face as he couldn't believe that there could be such timing. He could've gotten her name! After a few days later, he got off his shift late and realized that he didn't go grocery shopping. Since his fridge was empty, he decided to have his meal at a newly opened Szechuan Spicy Bowl restaurant. "It shouldn't take that long to get a seat at this time.." Or so he thought. When he got there, the place was full and he didn't have much patience since he was alone. Right when he was about to leave, the waiter asked if he minded sharing a table. "Sure." He sat down across from the girl and ordered from the menu. When she took a few napkins to wipe her nose, he took the chance to thank her for sharing the table. And there she was with her Beyond Human level spicy bowl... Although they only exchanged a few words, he found her very interesting. A girl eating at this hour without caring about her weight and her surrounding. She was adorable. The clumsy her forgot her newly printed business cards at her seat when she left. "Lily Jiang," he smiled. He thought of bringing this to her when he is free, but who knew that they would meet again at the hospital? His lips twitched when he faced his new patient, "Hello, Miss. Jiang, I am Lin Que, your doctor for this visit. Where do you feel uncomfortable?" He looked at the medical report in hand as he couldn't believe his luck with this girl.


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