1 Chapter 1

Breaking news!

Amanda Bishop, daughter to CEO Andrew Bishop of the Bishop Group, was found dead on the spot. She died at the age of eighteen due to a car crash. Her car and dead body were found under the Braines bridge.

According to witnesses, she was drunk driving from a party. Her friends told her not to drive, but she insisted on it. Her death involved two casualties with one dead on the spot and the other in a critical condition.

The Bishop Group stated that they would be responsible and would reach out to the families of the casualties…

The news repeated in the entire club. It was a shock to everyone here on Rose Bar because the little lady was just here earlier.

"What the hell? Hey, this is crazy!" One of the men stood up and grabbed his hair. "She was just here earlier, and she even pestered you like always!"

The man turned to his friend, only to see his pale face. The said friend looked deathly white, and he sweated buckets.

"That's not true...no way…no way…Amanda's fine…"

The disjointed speech and the devastation on the man's face was a testament to what he truly felt.

"Your fiance is dead."


Five years later…

"You're going to the city?" Thomas, Lacy's father, asked her.

"I'm going there because I want to find decent work," Lacy mentioned. "You're old now, dad. You can't tow the fields forever."

"The fields are enough for the both of us," Thomas replied. "You don't have to work because I have a pension, too. As retired military personnel, I'm entitled to receive a pension every month."

"I know, dad," Lacy said. Of course, she knew of these things. In fact, they were considered well-off in their small village. But Lacy had high expectations of herself; after all, she studied hard.

The years in the local college would be for naught if she didn't work in the big city. She graduated as a Fine arts student and was told by the teachers that she had the talent to make it big in the art world.

She wanted to experience and see the world. Lacy...wanted to find something. The feeling of fulfillment, perhaps. Maybe love?

The answers weren't within her reach, so she wanted to see the world and looked for it herself.

"Are you really sure about this?" Her father sighed as he stared at Lacy. She nodded her head, and nothing could change her mind.

Lacy knew why her father was like this. She went to the city years ago and got into an accident. It resulted in her losing memories.

She suffered from amnesia. It was terrible, and her friend died, too.

The change in her life came so drastically—no one expected for the accident to happen and devastate her.

But she refused to stay down, so she pursued what she truly loved—art. Thomas filled in the blanks for Lacy. Even though she still couldn't remember anything, life goes on.

Life was all about the struggles and experiences, and the event made her stronger.

"You stubborn, little brat," Thomas glared at his daughter. But the doting affection was apparent in his aged eyes.

He was now sixty years old, and the brat was his fortune for a lifetime. He loved Lacy dearly.

"You can go, but under my arrangement. Dad still has friends in City C."

"Thank you, daddy! You're the best!" She hugged her father, clinging like a kid. Finally, she was given a chance to pursue her dream.

She wouldn't waste this!

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