Love and misunderstanding (Sample) Book

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Love and misunderstanding (Sample)


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This book is now exclusively available on the good novel app with the name "Love and lies" This book on web novel is just a sample. ---------- "Please don't do it!" She pleaded, seeing the gun in my hand which was ready to fire. "I beg you!" She was crying, it was hurting me to see her sobbing so badly, but I had no choice...I have to do this. "I thought, you love me!" She yelled at me with a hint of disgust in her voice and hate in her eyes. I let out a small chuckle at her innocence, "I do love you babe, but someone has to pay the price for betraying me. " "It is a huge misunderstanding....Please, listen to me. " I ignored her, I wish it has to be the same way as she said, but it wasn't. I never felt so betrayed before. "Andrew...Think twice, " Sam spoke, entering the room, looking shocked yet worried. "I've decided, it's already too late to stop me, Sam, before I change my gun's direction to your head, move back and handle her so I won't miss my aim, " I responded with a voice filled with venom. He didn't utter a word after that as She was screaming at me with all the energy she had. I didn't believe I was doing this, I wasn't only punishing someone but her and myself as well in the process. The sound of a gun fired echoed in the room, everyone remained stunned as the flood of blood made its way down the ground, it was sort of satisfying to me, I took my revenge..... ------------ This story is Unedited


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