*The One That Got Away by Katy Perry*

In another life

I would be your girl

We'd keep all our promises

Be us against the world

In another life

I would make you stay

So I don't have to say you were

The one that got away

I was walking with my headphones on. Not minding the people around me. I was about to turn left to reach the parking lot when I felt a hand on my arm. I immediately turn around and was about to grab my arm forcefully when someone spoke.

“You’ve got a nice voice.” I looked up and realized that it was our class president. Who is he again?

“Uhm, I’m sorry but I forgot your name. Can you introduce yourself?” he smirked and lowered his face to level my eyes. “Adryan Gray. Remember that.” He said and smiled.

I was mesmerized by the way he smiles. I have never seen him smile genuinely. He was always serious whenever we are inside our class. But now...he just smiled at me.

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“Uh, yeah. Adryan... can I just call you Ian?” I asked. His name is hard to pronounce and the name Ian is cute.

He fixed his eyeglasses before smiling and nodded. “Sure, can I call you Felicity? Everyone calls you Fely. Right?” I just nod at him and he chuckled. I never knew he was this sexy!

Damn, he doesn’t even look like a nerd right at this moment.

He had this intimidating aura that could make everyone around him tremble. His brows are thick and dark too. He has these sharp eyes but when it stares at you, it feels like heaven is smiling. He has this straight-edged nose that could make everyone fall in love. His lips that is so inviting. Red as a tomato. And his jaw is defined very well. Damn.

And I just realized that now. This guy is handsome as fuck.

“Done checking me out?” I snapped out of my reverie when I heard his voice. “Oh! Sorry.” I said, ashamed. I looked down and was about to continue walking towards Ghale’s car.

I remember that she told me to wait here.

“You going home now? Wanna grab something to eat?” I heard his footsteps following me. “Uhm, maybe next time? I still have something to do.” I smiled at him apologetically.

“Oh! Sure, that’s fine. Well then, I need to go. Take care.” He said and walked away. It was weird to think that he suddenly became friendly to me. Or maybe he is really friendly?

I smiled at him and turned around only to see Drake looking at me seriously. I raised a brow and asked him, “What?” he continued looking at me with his sharp glare.

“What’s wrong with you?” I frowned at him. He heaved a deep sigh and looked down. “Why are you talking to him?” he asked in a low voice that I could barely hear it.

“What? No, he talked to me first. Why?” I explained, still frowning. “Are you friends?” he asked another question.

“No, we’re not even close.” After hearing what I just said, he suddenly smiled and walked towards me. “Really? So, I’m your only friend?” he was smiling widely making me stare at him in confusion.

“Is that the reason why you look angry earlier?” I asked him. He scratched the back of his neck and looked away. “Well, kind of?” he faced me again and smiled awkwardly.

“Seriously Drake?” I looked at him flatly. He just grinned and pushed me towards Ghale's car. “Now, now. Go home.” He said, ignoring my question. “Whatever.” I faced my back against him and walked to the car.

I looked back at him and saw that he was still staring at me with a small smile on his lips. “Go home too. Take care.” I said and he nodded before walking away.

I didn’t know when this started. I didn’t know when I started feeling this way towards him. I didn’t know when I started caring for him. Liking him. Yes, I like him and I’m scared.

Mom wasn’t angry when she figured out that I had a friend at school who is Drake, but maybe, there are limitations.

And this is it. I can’t like him. But I can’t help it.

“Let’s go?” I heard Ghale’s voice. I turned to face her and smiled. “Yeah.” She opened the car’s door and I went inside.

“Oh, by the way. Let’s go to the mall first. I wanted to buy a new dress. Is it fine?” she suddenly asked me while driving. I just nodded and looked outside.

It looks like it’s about to rain. The clouds are shady and the sun is nowhere to be found.

As we enter the mall, there are a lot of people. Of course, it’s a mall. Duh, Felicity.

Ghale grab my arm and pulled me to a boutique. She looked around and when she found what she’s looking for, she pulled me again.

I just continued following her even if my arm is hurting from being pulled by her. “Gotcha!” she said. Some people near us looked at her but she just ignored them.

“Look, does it suit me?” she asked and put the dress in front of her body. I looked at her from head to toe and nodded. “No, it doesn’t.” she suddenly said and shook her head. My brows furrowed.

I don’t understand her, she asked for my opinion and when I agreed, she would suddenly say no. Huh?

She went inside the fitting room and left me outside. I just looked around when I saw a stunning dress. I went near the dress hung at the corner. I touched the fabric of it and it felt so soft.

“Excuse me, that’s my dress.” I turned around only to see Stephanie. Drake’s secret lover. “Huh? This is yours?” I even pointed the dress to clear out if that was what she meant.

“Yes, that’s mine. Got a problem with that?” she arched her brows at me and rolled her eyes. “Get out of the way.” She pushed me away from where I was standing and picked up the dress. Glad I didn't fell.

I sighed and let her. Never mind. I like that dress but that doesn’t mean I would pick a fight just for me to have that.

“That’s all?” I heard a familiar voice reason why I looked around and saw Drake near the counter.

But not only him. He’s with Stephanie who’s clinging her hands on Drake’s arm.

“Yes, that’s all,” Stephanie said with a sweet voice. More like seductively. Drake nodded and picked up the paper bag and turned around, now facing me.

He looked stunned to see me. He stopped mid-step staring at me. He gave me a small smile and turned to Stephanie. “Let’s go.” He said but with Stephanie who has a stubborn attitude, she stood there while smirking at me.

She even caressed Drake’s arm and smiled seductively to Drake who was just looking at me.

I noticed that I was staring at them for too long so I gave them a small smile and turned around. Ghale is not yet done so I looked for a seat when suddenly a hand grabbed my arm.

“Hey!” I said.

“Fely,” I heard Drake’s voice. I stopped from wiggling and stared at him. I don’t know why but I am disappointed. But I don’t know with whom. Is it to myself? Or to him?

“About that—“he continued but I stopped him.

“You don’t need to explain. We’re just friends remember?” I even give out a small laugh but he just stared at me seriously. I saw Ghale walking out from the fitting room so I sighed and looked up to Drake again.

I smiled at him and pulled my arm. “Anyways, I have to go,” I said and walked to Ghale. She smiled at me and pulled me to the exit. Looks like she’s done paying for it.

I saw Stephanie at the exit door who was looking at me with her sharp eyes. I just ignored her and continued walking.

She was about to stop me when Drake suddenly grabbed her hands away from me. I looked at them and smile. Drake was staring at me apologetically which I ignored.

I walked away with a heavy heart.

Now, Felicity. You know your limitations. Looks like something is going on between them. Stop liking him.

“He’s no good for you.” Suddenly, Ghale said what I wanted to tell myself. I smiled and sighed.

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