“You’re not full yet?” I asked Drake who is still eating the food he bought. I haven’t eaten a piece yet because he kept on slapping my hand every time I'd get one.

“No. I’m hungry, I told you.” I could barely understand what he was trying to say because his mouth is full. “Okay,” I just replied. I was about to get a burger when he slapped my hands again.

“Ow! What was that for?!” I asked him, I was about to eat the burger when he turned pale. He was gasping for air making me panicked.

“H-hand m-me the wa-water.” He said, hardly speaking. I immediately grabbed the water and helped him drink it.

When he was done drinking, he heaved a deep sigh of relief.

“Now that’s what we call KARMA,” I said and smirked. I eat the food left while he just looked at me like a predator. “Don’t tell me you’re still hungry?” He looked ready to devour the food I am eating.

“Then I won’t tell you.” He replied and looked away. I laughed at him and handed him a sandwich. He was about to grab it when I took it back. “Sorry, I forgot you didn’t give me one earlier.” I grinned and took all the food left and put it in my bag.

“But I was the one who bought it!”

“And I’m the one who’ll eat it!" I answered back. He rolled his eyes making me laugh so hard. “Are you gay?” I asked.

“Oh, I know that pick-up line. You’re gonna ask me if I’m gay and then if I said no, you’re gonna said, ‘Prove it!’ and then I will kiss you and after that, you’ll fall in love with me, next to it is you’ll cry cause I don’t love you and then blame me after everything so yes, I’m gay. Got a—“

“Hey! Where are you going?” he shouted after realizing that I just walked out on him. He talked too much, maybe he’s really gay?

Since I knew what path to take, for me to reach the secret garden, I chose to walk there to be away from Drake. I even ran just so he wouldn’t catch up with me.

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But of course, he has longer legs, which means he could keep up.

“You’re going there?” he asked after reaching up with my pace.

“Yeah,” I just answered. When we reached the tree where we usually sit, I heaved a deep sigh. Someone preceded us already.

No other than Drake’s secret lover. Yes, I labeled her that since I always forgot what her name is.

“Oh, look what we have here!” she said and stood up with her friends. “Stephanie, what are you doing here?” Drake asked. Oh yes, she’s Stephanie. I should take note of it.

“Nothing, we just wanna hang out here. Seems peaceful...not until you both went here.” She commented and arched her brows.

“Uh, don’t worry, we’re leaving. Sorry for the inconvenience.” I said to stop them from arguing. I noticed that every time they meet, they would always argue.

Drake sighed and was about to turn around when Stephanie spoke. “Go with her, and you’re done, Drake.” Drake looked at her seriously and answered. “I’m not scared. Do everything you want. Crush me into pieces, but remember this. I. Won’t. Be. With. You. Again.” He grabbed my arm and pulled me away from Stephanie.

I looked back and saw her wiping her face. Is she crying?

“Drake, I think she’s crying,” I told him but he just ignored me. “Drake,” I called him.

“Drake, I think—“

“Will you shut up?” I was shocked by what he just said. Did he just—

“I’m sorry. I’m just really stressed whenever I talked with that girl.” He suddenly apologized. I just nodded at him but I'm still shocked.

He sighed and faced me. “I’m sorry.” He said softly and hugged me. “I didn’t mean it.” He said again. “It’s fine. I’m just really shocked.” I hugged him back but later realized why we are hugging each other. I pushed him a bit and looked up. I smiled and let go of the hug.

“Come on, the class is about to start,” I said and pulled him towards our room.

I saw Dianne waving at me but later put her hands down when she noticed who I’ve been pulling in. She smiled awkwardly at me and looked down.

What’s wrong with her? Does she have a problem with Drake?

I looked at Drake, the reason why I realized that he has been looking at me. He smiled when he saw me looking at him.

We sat in our seats and wait for our professor to come. We were just silent the whole time and I’m getting uncomfortable knowing that Drake is still looking at me.

“Can you stop staring? I might melt.” I told him, still avoiding his gaze. He chuckled and ruffled my hair making me threw him a sharp glare.

“Oh, sorry. Let me fix that.” He said and I just let him. He’s the one who ruined it so he must be the one who should fix that. I looked around when I noticed that the room is silent. They were looking at us but when they noticed that I was looking at them too, they looked down except for one.

Dianne looked at us seriously. Drake is still fixing my hair while I am having a staring contest with Dianne. At last, she just shook her head with disappointment, about I don’t know what, and looked away.

“Done,” Drake said. I smiled at him and he smiled back then looked in front. I stared at him in mystery. Why are you so mysterious? It seems like I know you but not really. I heaved a deep sigh and looked away.

Everyone was silent like the atmosphere is massive, tension surrounding the four corners of the room until our class president stood up. He looked so serious and if I remember, his name was…

Okay, I don’t remember his name.

“Good day, everyone!” he was reading something from his phone while standing in front of us.

“There is a message from our professor at this hour. He told me that he could not attend the session for today—“Before he could even continue talking, everyone was shouting, roaring something like they just win. “QUIET!” he suddenly shouted and everyone fell silent.

Now I know why he is the President.

“Let me finish first.” He said then continued. “As I have said, he could not attend the class for today, but, there is an activity given.” Making everyone express their disappointed expressions.

“As an English teacher, he requests everyone to make a poem that relates to your feeling about the first day of class. The deadline will be this coming Friday. Any questions?” he, then, added.

“Why so early?” a voice suddenly speaks out.

“I don’t know. You asked him.” He answered the one who asked the question making everyone laugh.

“Anyways, enjoy your time. Thank you.” He ended.

Before he could even sit down to his seat I raised my hand. “Can I ask a question?” I said in a small voice. He nodded and stood up again.

“Is this individual?” I asked but before I could even realize he sighed.

“If you’re sharing your feelings to someone, then so be it.” He told me. Drake laughed making me look at him. “What?” I asked him.

“Nothing, you’re stupid, Fely.” He barked a burst of laughter again reason why I smashed my hands to his arms.

“You’re cute though.” He added while smiling. I rolled my eyes at him and looked away.

“You’re blushing?” he asked and poked my cheeks. I glare at him, still looking like a tomato. I know, I am red as fuck.

“Aw, my baby is blushing?” he asked again. “Fucking stop calling me baby, it’s gross,” I told him and he pouted making me laugh.

“I’m only like this to you so stop complaining.” He grinned and I just threw him a disgusting look.

"I'm not interested," I said.

Or am I?

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