“Are you okay?” Ghale asked me. She panicked earlier when a car almost hit me. Almost. Almost!


What the heck is wrong with the driver? I was about to walk towards her car when suddenly, a car, driving so fast almost hit me. She was on the opposite side of the street with her car. I just went back because I left my phone and then I was almost hit!

“I’m gonna hunt that driver down! Did you see the plate number?” she looked so mad while walking back and forth in front of me. We were beside her car, talking.

“No. And don’t worry, I'm not hurt.” I lied. Of course, I did remember the plate number. That stupid idiot won't get away.

But I won’t tell Ghale about it. She’s reckless sometimes. I mean most of the time.

“Are you sure?” she still looked worried but tried her best to hide it.

“Yup, now let’s go. We don’t want to get late to school.” I told her and grabbed her arm to drive us to school. “Are you sure you’re okay?” she asked again. I sighed and looked at her. “Yes, I’m fine. Nothing to worry about. Now relax and drive.” I said, talking so fast like everything I said is scripted.

As she drove us to school, she kept on glancing at the side mirror. She looked really worried and scared. “Ghale, could you please relax? We might meet an accident.”

“Okay, sorry. I can’t help it. I’m just really worried.” She said and glanced at me with her apologetic look. I just smiled and nodded at her.

When we reached the parking lot of our school, I immediately went out when I saw Drake going out from his car.

“Hey!” I called him. It seemed like he didn’t hear it or maybe he just doesn’t care at all so I called him again. “DRAKE!” I shouted so loud. Some students even looked at me ridiculously but I chose to not mind them.

Drake looked around until his eyes fell on me. “Hi!” I waved my hands. He smiled and walked towards me. “Hi,” he looked behind me so I did too.

“Sis, I’m coming with Drake, you take care, okay?” I said and walked towards her. I kissed her cheeks and went back to Drake’s side.

Ghale just sighed and nodded. We went off leaving Ghale behind.

“So, why did you shout so loud?” he started. I just laughed at him and shook my head.

“You missed me that much?” he ruffled my hair earning a glare from me. He laughed and was about to touch my hair again when I slapped his hand. “No!” I hissed. He just laughed and said, “I’m fixing it for you. I’m sorry.” He was smiling the whole time.

He doesn’t look sorry to me. I continued glaring at him as he kept on brushing my hair with his hands. “Okay, done. You look like a human now.” He laughed and pinched my cheeks.

“Drake!” I slapped his arm causing him to stop laughing. “Ow! That hurts.” He pouted.

“Ew, don’t do that. You look like a duck.” I said and laughed. “What?” he looked so shocked with what I just said. When he was about to grab my arm, I run so fast, away from him.

“Hey! Get back here!” he shouted as he continue chasing me. Everyone in the hallway was looking at us. Wondering why am I being chased by a monster.

I laughed at my thought. “Got ya!” Shit, I didn’t realize I stopped running.

I rolled my eyes at him and went inside our room. As we sat in our place, he looked at me, smiling. “Thank you for making me smile today. I’m having a bad day but thanks to you, I’m now fine.” He said, still smiling.

“Oh yeah, thank you for ruining my mood today. I’m having a good day but thanks to you, I’m not fine.” I mimicked his words changing them to my perspective. I rolled my eyes after that and he just laughed again.

“Good morning everyone.” We stood up when we heard Ms. Falcon’s voice. One of the most terror professors in our university. Our teacher in Accounting 111.

Why did I choose this course again? Damn, I need to remind myself every day that I love this course. I might be crazy for picking such a difficult one.

“As I have told you last meeting, you will be learning how to identify these account titles.” She said as she pointed her finger in her PowerPoint.

“Could you please remind me why I chose this course?” Drake suddenly whispered in my ear. “I don’t know. We’re not close remember?” I answered him, whispering.

He pouted again, looking at me. “We’re friends. I’m your best friend.” He told me. I raised my brows at him, “Since when?” I asked.

“Since the day you told me you love me.” He grinned. I grinned at him too, “Then we're not friends.” I chose to ignore him but he’s too persistent. He kept on poking my cheeks.

“I said were best friends. Not just friends.” He insisted.

“I said no.”

“You may like to share your story back there.” I suddenly felt uneasy when I heard Ms. Falcon’s voice near us. “Oh, sorry miss. I just told her were not friends, but she insisted we are. So yeah.” Drake answered. My eyes grew wide with what he said.

Why are you turning the tables now?!

“Oh really Mr. Montessario?” she strictly said and look at me. “Yes Ms.!” Drake answered happily. I almost hit my forehead with my hands if not only because of Ms. Falcon’s stares.

“One more noise, I’ll let you both get out of my class. Even if who you are.” She seriously said. Damn, why do I always get caught talking? I’m not even a talkative person.

I sighed and focused my attention on the discussion.

“We. Are. Best. Friends.” I heard Drake’s voice again talking very slowly like he wanted me to understand every word he said. I just sighed and nodded earning a loud “YES” from him.

“MR. MONTESSARIO AND MISS GENSON! GET OUT!” A loud shout from Ms. Falcon was heard in every corner of our room. We both immediately got our bags and run towards the exit door.

“This is your fault!” I blamed Drake but it looks like he’s not even bothered.

“Why do you look so happy when we were just kicked out of the room?” I hissed.

“No discussion, no headaches.” He answered and I just slapped my hand on my forehead because of frustration. “You’re unbelievable,” I whispered. He just grinned and grabbed my right hand.

“Now, let’s go to the cafeteria and EAT!” he said excitedly. I shook my head and followed him. Letting him pull me to the cafeteria.

“I want this, and this, and this and, oh! that too! Thank you!” he ordered almost half of what the cafeteria is selling.

“How many days have you not eaten?” I wondered. He laughed and carried the plastics of food.

“Nah, I’m hungry and you are too.” I tilted my head to the side wondering how he came up with that idea. He looked at me and when he realized what I’m trying to say.

He replied, “You’re too small... Small stomach, small hips, small hands, small feet, and… small height.” He laughed and went to walk first.

I run towards him and hit his head. “Ow,” he touched his head I just hit and caressed it slowly.

“What was that for?” he asked, irritated. “You’re a bully. You deserve it.” He just shook his head and laughed at me.

“You’re small. You deserve me.” He said and winked. Making me stop walking. It took me a long to realized that I was blushing.

I looked down and curses that freaking weirdo in my head.

“Faster baby girl!” he shouted making others look at him and then to me.

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