Drake has been spacing out. He does not pay attention to whatever I was saying. He would just stare above and sigh.

“56,” I counted, and at last, I caught his attention. He had been like this since we walked out of the cafeteria. “It’s your 56th sigh.”

“You’re counting?” he asked and laughed. “I’m fine,” he said. “I did not ask,” I replied and continued eating. We are in a secret garden. As what he called it. Well, he told me that it's the name of the garden. I told him why it's called like that when it's not a secret. Though students do not usually flock here.

I am right, it looks amazing, now that I’m really in front of it. I continued staring at the birds chirping, leaves slowly dancing, the wind singing. It’s magical.

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“You look so happy.” I heard Drake said. I looked at him and smiled.

“I’ve never felt this peaceful. I never knew I could feel like this… again” I whispered and looked at the trees again. “Do you think someone could be your destruction and at the same time they could be the one that would heal you too?” he suddenly asked out of nowhere. I was about to say 'No' when I realized that there’s this one person that has been my company, my savior, and my happiness but at the same time, she became my destruction. My downfall. “Yes,” I replied with a little voice.

“Really? Have you experienced it?” he asked. “Of course I did, I would say no if I didn’t.” I rolled my eyes at him. “How dumb,” I whispered. I thought he did not hear it but when I felt his glare, I knew he did. "Why do you always ask a question that is so out of the blue anyway?" I asked him. This is the second time he did ask me something that is out of the topic. So deep that you need to think about your answers.

“I’m not dumb and I just wanted to ask questions that would pop in my head. And you always answer my questions so what's the fuss?” He rolled his eyes at me, making me laugh. “So, why do you want to be here?” he asked. “Huh?” I looked at him, confused.

“Here. In this place.” He even pointed out the place where we are. “Oh, I just saw this yesterday but I did not mind it, then just earlier, I don’t know. It seems interesting.” I shrugged. “Come on, we’re gonna be late,” I told him and stood up. He followed me and we continued walking back to our building. “You go first, I'll just buy food at the cafeteria,” I said and he nodded.

As I walked towards the cafeteria, I saw the woman earlier.

What was her name again? Shephan? Tephanie? Tephan? What? Or maybe none of those is her name? Well, whatever.

“Where are you going?” she stopped me. She’s with her friends I think. They won’t be together if they’re not right? I almost rolled my eyes at myself. How dumb Felicity.

“To the cafeteria. Why?” I ask her. She looked like a bitch or maybe she is? I was about to walk out when she grabbed my arm bringing me back to my place.

"You don't talk to me like that!" she said, irritated.

"I want to. And if want it, I go for it." I said and look at her with seriousness in my eyes.

"Oh really? Well, now, you should stop with your motto. Because I--" before she could continue her speech blah blah blah, I stopped her.

“Look, whatever your problem to me is… Keep it to yourself.” then I continued walking with my chin up. No one messes with me.

After buying the foods I wanted, I walked towards our room and went inside. Drake is not there.

Where is he?

“Hi! You must be Felicity?” someone approached me. I smiled at her and nodded. “I’m Dianne Fox.” She let out a smile. “I didn’t see you yesterday here,” I told her. I noticed that she’s not familiar so she may not be here yesterday.

“Oh! Yes, I just went back here from the US.” She explained. “Oh,” I replied. I went to my seat while she was still following me.

"You’re sitting here?” she asked me. I just nodded and eat my snacks. Yes, I’m not full yet.

“Are you kidding me?” she asked again. “Why? What’s wrong with sitting here?” I asked here. Why is this girl so weird?

“There’s nothing wrong with that but there might be a problem to that.” She said. “Anyways, I need to go back to my seat. Nice meeting you.” She waved her hand at me and walk towards the front seat.

I saw our professor walking towards our room with Drake following him. He looked so serious. I know something is bothering him. “Hey, you okay?” I asked him. He just look at me and nodded.

I wanted to ask him what's bothering him but we’re not that close so maybe i should not. Mr. Navares continued talking in front but I’m not listening. I continue staring at Drake. He has beautiful brown eyes. His lashes are dark and long too. His lips are even brighter than mine. His nose is pointed, making it look so perfect. In other words, he’s just so perfect. He’s nice and a gentleman too. I wonder what flaws he has.

“I might melt.” I snapped out of my reverie when I heard his voice. I look in front and Mr. Navares is still talking in front. “Uh, sorry,” I said with a small voice. He just smiled and turned his attention in front.

He’s not in his usual self right now. Before, he would take every moment to tease me but now, he would just smile. What just happened to him?

It was almost 4:30 PM. Which means that it’s almost time for us to go home. I looked at my phone and realized that Ghale hasn’t replied to my text earlier. She didn’t care huh.

The bell rang and everybody stood up even though Mr. Navares isn’t done yet. “Okay, class dismiss.” He said like he didn’t have a choice. I stood up and pack my things back into my bag. “I’m coming. You wait there.” I heard Drake talking to someone on his phone. I know it’s bad to eavesdrop but I can’t help it.

I know this has something to do with his mood right now. And even if it has nothing to do with me, I need to know what that is. Damn my curiosity.

Felicity, why are you such a curious cat?

I followed him towards the back portion of the gymnasium of our school. I stopped walking and hid in the bushes. I look at him and was shock at who he was meeting.

It was the woman earlier. And what was her name again? I really can’t remember. I'm very bad at names.

'But you remember his name?' a voice in my head suddenly spoke in my head. I rolled my eyes at that. I'm weird.

“Now, what?” Drake said. They were just looking at each other like they were talking through their eyes. Come on you guys! Talk! How can I know what you’re talking about?

Okay, Felicity. Stop it.

“I want to talk to you about us.” She said. “What ‘us’?” Drake encountered.

“I want to say sorry for everything I have done. I know it’s been too long but I just want to apologize. I didn’t mean it, Drake. Please believe me.” She pleaded. Her eyes are red and tears were about to fall from her eyes.

“Really? You didn’t mean it? Have you forgotten what you told me?” I could almost feel his fury but still, he managed to be calm despite the tension going around us.

Okay, going around them.

“I-I’m sorry! Okay? I’m sorry. I regretted what I did to you. Drake please, give me another chance. Let me work this thing out between us. Again.” She cried.

“Things between us won’t work out anymore. I don’t love you anymore, Stephanie. Please, give some respect for yourself.” Drake told her and walked away. Right! She’s Stephanie. Now I know why there is something weird going on between them earlier while they were talking. I walked away too and looked for a cab.

I was about to step into the cab in front of me when I saw Stephanie walking away while crying.

“Fucking scumbag!” she shouted. And then, she looks at me with madness in her eyes.

Now, what did I just do?

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