“Not enjoying the party?” a voice suddenly crack the silence in my head.

“Oh heck! You scared the shit out of me!” I turned around only to see a tall and masculine man. He looked like the ones I see in movies. Serious and mysterious. I smirked at my thought.

“Oh sorry miss. I saw you spacing out so I kind of interrupted the silence. Uh sorry?”

“You seem sincere saying sorry huh?” I looked at the shore again, facing my back against the man.

“I am.” He chuckled.

“Why are you here? You didn’t like the party?” he asked again after a long silence between us.

“Nothing. The sound of the waves just sounds so soothing to my ears.” I smiled and he chuckled.

“Yeah, it does.” He agreed and face the ocean with his deep brown eyes. How can someone own something so beautiful yet dangerous eyes?

“Hmm, may I ask something?” he turned to me with a smile on his face.

“You’re already asking.” I joked making him chuckle. Again.

“Do you think our lives can be compared to an ocean?” he asked.

I smiled and looked at him, “Our life has always been an ocean.”

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“Yeah? Can you explain further?” he challenged me.

“You know, just like an ocean, our life is deep, mysterious and we see it as something dangerous. But what we do not know is that it is beautiful.” I looked at the ocean again and sighed.

“Wow, what a mind-set you have.” He laughed. I wish I could be like that. Laugh when things get rough. Smile when the atmosphere gets heavy. I looked back at him and gave him a genuine smile.

“Keep that smile. It suits you.” I said before walking away.

“Uh, hey!” he called me before I could go back inside the auditorium. “Yes?”

“ Uh, may I know your name?” he said looking down while scratching his head a bit. I laughed at him making him look at me.

“Fely. You can call me Fely.” I smiled.

“Oh, Fely. Nice name. I’m Drake.”

I smiled at him and said, “I’m not asking.” I heard his laugh before I could even go back to my sister.

“Where have you been? I thought you’re only going to the bathroom?” my sister, Ghale, asked me.

“I went outside. Breathing fresh air.” I answered without looking at her.

“Anyways, it’s about to end. We’ll go home, okay?” she told me softly.

“I’m fine. I just really want fresh air that’s why I went outside. Come on.” I smiled at her, looked straight at her in the eyes.

“I’m sorry, I’m just worried.”

“Let’s go home. I’m tired.” I stood up as she follows me towards the valet to get our car.

We went home after the party our Mom told us to attend. It was boring. I would never want to attend any party again. If only I could.

“Does it went well?” Mrs. Genson, our Mom, looking so classy walking down the stairs. Looks like she just went downstairs to ask us that. Nothing new. When it comes to their business, they wouldn’t care about anything else.

“Yes, it did Mom. Can we rest? We’re kind of tired from the party. It was exhausting.” My sister told her.

“You know you two should be used to it starting from—“

“Mom, we need to rest. Good night.” I kissed her cheeks and slowly reached the stairs.

I was about to reach for my room’s door when I heard my sister’s voice.

“Good night Lise. I mean, Fely. Good night Fely.”

“Good night.” I smiled.

As I went inside my bedroom, I went outside the terrace and looked up at the sky full of stars.

“Are you okay up there Sissy? I hope you are. Don’t worry, I’m slowly dealing up with my problems. I’m getting there. Like you want me to.” I smiled and continue looking at the sky.

She told me before that when a person die, they became one of the stars shining so bright.

I’m guessing you’re one of them now?

When I felt the cold air brushing my skin, I went inside to shower and do my nightly routine. After everything, I went to my bed to sleep.


"Fely, are you up now?" I groaned when I heard Ghale's voice outside my room.

"I am!" I shouted and put the blanket above my head to cover my whole body from the light coming from the morning sun.

"I know you're not. Come on, stop lying! We're gonna be late. It's your first day in college." she said and after that, I heard her steps walking away.

My senses immediately woke up when I heard the word 'college'.

"Shit! I'm nervous as hell!" I ran to the bathroom and did my morning routine.

After preparing, I ran towards the kitchen and saw Ghale eating her breakfast slowly.

When I was about to take the seat next to her, she told me something.

"Eat up, Fely. You have 10 minutes. I'll wait for you at the garage.” then she walked out.

“What?!” Instead of eating rice for breakfast, I chose to grab a sandwich and followed her to the garage.

“I haven’t eaten yet, Ghale!” I told her while sitting at the shotgun seat.

“It’s not like you eat breakfast every day, so chill.” She laughed and drive to school.

Dream High University.

“So, what you think?” she smiled and looked at the large building in front of us.

“Wow,” I said under my breath.

“I can’t believe I’m here in front of my dream school, Ghale. Thank you.” I said and hug her.

“Oh come on. Let’s not be dramatic here. It’s embarrassing.” She laughed and walked herself into the campus.

“Welcome to your new life, Felicity. This is it. Chase your dreams.” I whispered to myself. I smiled and followed Ghale inside.

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