I was fuming mad while walking back to our room. Ian was walking behind me. He would sometimes laugh whenever he would hear me groan because of frustration.

“Hey,” he called me while obviously trying to stop himself from laughing.

I rolled my eyes and turned to face him.

“We have a practice after class.” He reminded me making me breathe heavily to stop myself to shout my frustration.

I sat on my seat next to Drake while Ian walked to his seat. I saw how his shoulder moved, obviously laughing.

“Hey,” Drake called me.

I looked at him and raised a brow.

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“You look mad.” He noticed and I rolled my eyes at him before answering.

“I am mad.”

Instead of thinking so much about it, I thought about what my parents wanted me to do.

I looked at Drake again and saw him looking at me.

“Can we talk later?” he immediately nodded like a child making me stifle a smile.

I looked away and waited for our teacher to come.

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